Monday, December 21, 2020

My Favorite Books of 2020!

 It is officially time for my favorite blog post of the entire year! I just love talking about books with y'all and am glad you have enjoyed reading my monthly recaps this year. 

You can see my thoughts on every book I have read this year by clicking on the months below:

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If you are interested in seeing my top books from past years as well, here they are for you:

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Now before we get in to my top five books of the year I wanted to do a few Honorable Mentions.

These are books that didn't make the top five but are still really great books that I highly recommend.

What You Wish For by: Katherine Center

I am so glad I discovered this author this year y'all because I thoroughly enjoyed every book I read by her. This one got a 5-star rating from me when I read it a few months back and I still stand by that. I picked a different Center book to be in my top 5 but this one could easily have made it also. Love this story! You can read my thoughts on it specifically in my October & November Recap here

Paris is Always a Good Idea by: Jenn McKinlay

This is such a good romance that has everything I really like in romance books. It wasn't tooooo steamy or cheesy and had the added element of travel which made it exciting as well. This is another 5-star book for me this year that I highly recommend if you need a quick read that will get you out of a reading slump. You can read more of my thoughts on this book in my September recap post here.

Call It What You Want by: Bridgett Kemmerer

It pained me not to include this in my top five books of the year so I had to give it an honorable mention. This is another 5-star book that I really enjoyed this year. I love that Kemmerer can write Young Adult books that really strike a chord with adults as well. To read my full thoughts on this book, check out my July reading recap post here.

The Insanity of God by: Nik Ripkin

This one had to be included in this post as well because it is truly a life changing book. I loved reading and learning more about persecuted Christians. This one will wreck you! 5-stars again! You can read all my thoughts on this one in my June reading recap here.

The Breakdown by: B.A. Paris

I have another B.A. Paris book in my top five but I couldn't let this one go without mentioning as well. I loved discovering this author this year. This was my first book by this author and it got me hooked! I highly recommend this thriller! You can read all my thoughts on it in my April reading recap here.

OKAY!! Now it is time for me to tell y'all my TOP 5 BOOKS OF 2020!!!

Coming in at #5: How To Walk Away by: Katherine Center

I have already mentioned how much I love Katherine Center and this book is my favorite of hers! It is just such a good fiction book without any gore or horrible language. It's just great. I highly recommend it if you just want a good story to read. You can read more of my thoughts on this book in my May reading recap post here.

#4: Home Before Dark by: Riley Sager

YO! Riley Sager makes the top books a second year in a row. His book Lock Every Door made my Top Books of 2019 and he's done it again! He is an amazing thriller author and I will read anything he writes. This one does teeter more towards horror (think haunted house) but it was INCREDIBLE. It definitely kept me up at night, but I couldn't put it down!! This one is so amazing!! Read all my thoughts on this book in my July reading recap post here.

#3: Redeeming Love by: Francine Rivers

I have never read anything by Rivers before and I am so glad this was the first book I read by her. This is a modern retelling of Hosea and Tamar set during the California Gold Rush and the parallel between Hoseas love for Tamar and God's love for us is BEAUTIFUL! This book isn't a quick read, but it is worth every second spent. You can read more of my thoughts on this book in my February reading recap post here.

#2: Behind Closed Doors by: B.A. Paris

I told y'all there would be a B.A. Paris book high up here. This is the only book this year that I read cover to cover in one sitting. I opened it up to read a few pages at 9pm one night, and didn't move until I finished in the wee hours of the morning. It was THAT good. This is a psychological thriller that is intense and riveting without any super gory horror scenes. I recommend this book to everyone wanting to try out a thriller but unsure of where to start. SO GOOD!!!! You can read more of my thoughts in my May reading recap post here.


The Atonement Child by: Francine Rivers

Francine Rivers killed me with this book. I was really nervous to read a story about rape, Christianity, and abortion but WOW. This book is EVERYTHING. I think everyone should read this book. Boys, girls, men, women, teens, elderly, EVERYONE. READ IT!!! You can read more of my thoughts on this book in my June reading recap post here.

Well there you have it friends. My top five books of 2020 along with five honorable mentions. These ten books are a great place to start your reading bucket list for 2021. I have said it once and I'll say it again, but reading will change your life. Through both real and fictional characters I have learned more about life and circumstances that I would otherwise never encounter, making me a more understanding and compassionate person. Reading has truly been a life saver too during quarantine and all this time we've had at home this year. If you are looking for a habit to start in 2021, let it be reading folks. You'll never regret picking up a good book.

What are your favorite books of 2020? Let me know in the comments down below. I love to take recommendations from y'all. I will talk to you here soon with my 2020 life recap. I can't wait!


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