Friday, April 3, 2020

March Book Recap & Reviews

What a strange month it has been y'all. There are a lot of things that have been negatively impacted by this virus, but one thing that hasn't would be my reading time. If anything, I am super thankful this quarantine has given me more time to read.
My monthly recaps are my favorite posts each month. I just love talking books with y'all. Don't forget to leave a comment and tell me what books you read this month or recommend for me to read next!

The Bible by: God

I had to include the best book of all because this month has given me more time to spend in daily devotion with God and it is pretty much the best thing ever. There is no book or love story that will compare to Christs love for us told through His word.

Blended by: Sharon M. Draper
This middle grade book is about a young girl in middle school with a white mother and black father who are divorced. She learns a lot about how the world views race and the reader learns the hardships of splitting time between two homes.

I really liked this story. I didn't love it like I loved Draper's other book Out of My Mind (one of my all time favorites), but it was still cute. I love reading quick middle grade books every now and then.

Rate: 4 Stars

The Boys in the Boat by: Daniel James Brown
This is a nonfiction book about the nine American boys who shocked the world in the 1936 Berlin Olympics when their rowing team won gold.

I have heard a lot of people say this is one of their favorite stories and most recommended books, but it was just too slow moving for me. I am super picky about nonfiction and find them often hard to enjoy if they don't tell it in a well organized way, and this one just bored me. I really liked learning all about the rowing sport at first but near the middle the book sounded super repetitive to me. I am in the minority here so take that for what you will. I also will note that a lot of the people who recommended this one listened to the audio book. Maybe it is more enjoyable that way.

Rate: 3 Stars

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by: Beth Hoffman
This is the story of CeeCee Honeycutt, a young girl living with an absent father and psychotic mother. When her family falls apart and she is forced to move to Savannah, Georgia with her great aunt, she discovers a whole new world is waiting for her in the south.

I freakin' loved this book. My mom described it perfectly by saying it is a mix between the movie Steel Magnolias and the book The Help. The author nailed the southern tone and the characters are so well developed in such a short book. This makes for a super fun weekend read. Such a sweet story!

Rate: 5 Stars!

Little Fires Everywhere by: Celeste Ng
This book is about two completely different women who's families suddenly collide. What ensues after this? It's quite explosive.

Contemporary novels that are character focused aren't typically my favorite genre so that could be why I didn't love this one like a lot of people did. I just prefer an entertaining story and this is more of a literary piece to spark discussion. I mainly read it so I could watch the series on Hulu with Reese Witherspoon, but sadly wasn't a fan of that either. Overall, this one just fell short for me.

Rate: 2 Stars

She Was the Quiet One by: Michele Campbell
This is the story of two twin sisters, who after suffering the loss of their mother, move into a prestigious boarding school where they are both drawn to different crowds. One sister ends up dead and one is guilty.

This story line kept me guessing for the majority of the book and the last few chapters stressed me out so bad I was pacing while reading them, ha! I really like books that take place at boarding schools so I was sold on the setting. There were a few adult scenes in this book, and it wasn't a perfect thriller by any means, but it was enjoyable and made for a quick read.

Rate: 4 Stars!

Those are the books I read in March! I hope to do a lot more reading in April, but I am running out of books to read. My library is closed so I will eventually have to move to ebooks or audio books. I plan to order a few good books off of Amazon to read here soon as well. Leave your recommendations below. Talk to you soon!


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  1. I love the pictures you included in this post! So sorry that Little Fires Everywhere didn't work out for you-- I've been seeing a lot of praise for it, and I was looking forward to reading it soon. My favorite read of this month was Know My Name by Chanel Miller!
    claire @ clairefy


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