Tuesday, October 6, 2020

September Reading Recap & Reccomendations

 Happy Monday everyone! It is time for my very favorite types of blog posts! I can't wait to tell you all about the books I read during the month of September.

Later this week I will be publishing another blog post all about my favorite spooky reads for October! We are all about some good reads around here. Let's get into it.

Paris is Always a Good Idea by: Jenn McKinlay

This book is about a successful woman who is hit with the reality that she has become a workaholic with no fun or romance in her life. She decides to relive her college backpacking trip through Europe and track down all of her past romances in order to bring some excitement into her life. 

I freakin' loved this book!! I did see the main romance coming, but I loved it still. If you want a sweet story that isn't too steamy, but still cute that involves adventure and travel, this one is for you!

Rate: 5 Stars!

The Girl He Used to Know by: Tracey Garvis Graves

This book is about a young woman on the Autism Spectrum and her reconnection with a college boyfriend. They have both been through a lot and are both still trying to figure themselves out all these years later.

There were parts of this book I liked, and parts I didn't. I think this author did really great at placing the reader in the mind of someone with Aspergers. I don't however feel like I knew the guy in the story very well. There were also some very randomly placed sex scenes so beware of that. Overall, it was cute but just okay for me.

Rate: 3 Stars

Head Over Heels by: Hannah Orenstein

This book is about a gymnast named Avery who has spent the last seven years of her life training for the Olympic trials. When an unfortunate event lands her back in her hometown coaching, she is forced to face her past relationship with the coach, the sports brutality, her future relationships with friends and boyfriends in the sports, and what she will do to make a change in the sport. 

I loved this book! I did gymnastics and dance for several years through elementary and middle school so reading about the intensity of the sport and pressure put on young athletes is very believable. I also admire how she put a respectfully fictional spin on the sexual abuse that has been uncovered in USA Gymnastics in recent years. Overall, this book is really good, and I recommend!

Rate: 4 Stars!

Waiting for Tom Hanks by: Kerry Winfrey

This book is about Annie, a freelance writer and rom-com lover who is still holding out for her Tom Hanks. She wants to write an epic rom-com romance while also waiting for her own romance. When a rom-com film is being shot in her small town, she believes it might be her time to get into her dream industry. It might also be her chance to find love.

I really liked this cute book! It was predictable but still enjoyable. If you are a romantic comedy lover especially, you will appreciate all of the classic references in this story.

Rate: 3.5 Stars

Those are the four easy, romance reads I enjoyed in September. I plan to read some different books this month and can't wait to share them with you. What books have you enjoyed recently? Let me know below! Talk to you soon.


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