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My Favorite Books of 2018!

Happy Wednesday y'all! I can't believe that Christmas is less than a week away and that 2019 is just around the corner. I am so happy though to be sharing this blog post!!
I have been excited to write this post for a couple months now, but also dreading having to narrow it down. I have learned so much through reading this month and 2018 was the year I rearranged my priorities to make time for reading. I have loved becoming such an avid reader this year and I want to help you become one too. In 2018, I read 60 books, and these are my absolute favorites. If you want a good read, look no further friends.

The Nightingale by: Kristin Hannah
I have gushed about this book enough, but this women's fiction novel about two sisters during WWII Paris, has quickly become not only my favorite book of the year, but my favorite book of ALL TIME. One more time for the people in the back. FAVORITE OF ALL TIME. I love this book, everyone I know loves this book, you will love this book. 

Run don't walk to the library or book store, and read. this. book

The Great Alone by: Kristin Hannah
I have only read two books by Kristin Hannah and they have both ended up at the top of my favorites list. I have more of hers on my bookshelf but get so emotionally attached to her books that it is always a big undertaking to pick one up again. 

This book is a veerrryyy close second to The Nightingale. When I get asked which I like more, my answer sometimes changes. I love the young narrator of this story, the setting of a harsh Alaska, and a family falling apart. I have read so many books that have similar storylines and settings to The Nightingale, whereas I have never read anything like The Great Alone. I cried during this book too and couldn't stop thinking about it for weeks. Most everyone I loan this book too also loves it, but it is slower starting. 

I loved this almost as much as her other book and therefore, you should definitely go read it. I apologize for wrecking you in advance.

The Unexpected Everything by: Morgan Matson
This was my favorite Young Adult Contemporary book of the year and I am so happy I discovered Morgan Matson this year! I have read three of her most recent books and this one was my favorite. This isn't emotional or powerful, but just plain fun. I think this makes for a fun spring break read. 

If you like young love, friend drama, and dogs, you will love this book! I highly recommend this book if you are in a book slump and need something nice and easy to read. 

Honorable Mention: I also reaallly considered mentioning Matson's book Save the Date, which is about a bunch of family drama surrounding a wedding, but the book stressed me out just a little too much to claim as a fave. I did love it though and thought I would throw it out there if you like reading about weddings! 

Out of my Mind by: Sharon M. Draper
I read this children's chapter book for a special education class I was taking for school and it has become seriously one of my favorite books ever (hence this blog post, duh). This book is about a young girl named Melody who has Cerebral Palsy. She is confined to a wheelchair and can't speak or do most things on her own. The book is narrated from her point of view as she goes through the school year. Melody is smart as a whip but is often over-looked because she can't communicate.

This book is so good and my college class got heated over some of the characters and scenes in this book. Several of the girls said this is their favorite book they have ever read, and we all went and bought a copy to put in our class library. 

Although this is technically a children's book, I recommend it to everyone. You can whiz through it but learn so much about disabilities and empathy. LOVE THIS ONE.

Talking as Fast as I Can by: Lauren Graham (audiobook)
It is no secret that I am obsessed with the show Gilmore Girls. My sister and I worked our way through the show together and relate so much to the humor, sarcasm, and coffee addiction of the main character Lorelai Gilmore, played by Lauren Graham. I am not a huge audiobook person but I whizzed through this one in a day because it is written and narrated by Lauren herself. I felt like I was chatting with a friend and her wit is the same in real life as her characters in the show. If you are a Gilmore lover like myself, listen to this book!

Becoming Ms. Burton by: Susan Burton
If you are looking for a nonfiction book to help educate yourself about issues of current day discrimination of women in the prison system, this is your read. I learned so much in this book and there were so many shocking statistics. I really loved that I could learn so much while also feeling that I was hearing the life story of a friend. Ms. Burton has been through a LOT and has a perspective that I will never have. I think it is always important to read books by those who are different than you, to eliminate your narrow perspective and expand your knowledge. Shout out to my dad for recommending this one to me. I read the physical book and loved it, but he really liked the audiobook as well.

Whistling Past the Graveyard by: Susan Crandall
I read this one in December and I really loved this one! It is intense and the 1960's southern language is articulated so well. This is a great book if you are looking for something intense that will keep you on the edge of your seat, without being too lengthy.

Nine-year old Starla runs away from home and hitchhikes with a black woman and a white baby and thus begins the most intense and intriguing adventure. Love this one!

There you have it, my FAVORITE books of 2018! It was a great reading year, and I can't wait to find more books in the new year. What books are your FAVS?

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