Saturday, November 5, 2022

August, September, & October Reading Recap

 I have clearly been slacking on my book reviews since school started. As much as I have loved my new school and role this year, I have been struggling to find time for what I love most: reading! I have started to get into a better routine now and try to leave work at work. 

Though I don't have a ton of books to review, I do have some great ones to share.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

July Reading Recap & Recommendations

The days of reading for hours in the pool have sadly escaped us, but we can relive the warm summer days together by recapping our best books. 

I read 9 books this month, many being very popular on TikTok and Instagram, and I had some unpopular thoughts about them. Lets get into it.

Excellent Movies in the Theaters Right Now + Regal Unlimited

 This summer has been the summer of movies for me. If you haven't been to the theaters recently, now is the time to go. I got Regal Unlimited in June and it has been well worth it.

What is Regal Unlimited?

For $18 a month, you can go to an unlimited amount of movies for the entire month at any Regal Theater. You also save 10% on all non-alcoholic beverage and food purchases. With movie tickets being anywhere between $13-$16, this is a fantastic deal. If you go to at least two movies, it has already saved you money. If you want to see these movies I am about to share (which I highly recommend), then you should think about getting the Unlimited Pass. 

Here are some of the movies I've seen recently that I really enjoyed.