Monday, December 30, 2019

2019 for Juliana Grace!

The decade is coming to an end everyone. Happy almost 2020! That definitely feels weird to write and say out loud. I am so excited for what this year has in store.

As always, I am here to recap my year. I just love these posts. I hope you enjoy!

Favorite Memories:

Around Valentines Day I went to Tim Tebow's Night to Shine which is a prom held for individuals with special needs. I can't believe I haven't attended this before. This was such a fun night and I can't wait to go again in a couple weeks. I liked it better than my own prom, ha!

I spent some time at the beach of course.

I went to several hockey games this year and got my own Solar Bears jersey for my birthday. I love me some hockey!

My sister and I had breakfast at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian and had so much fun eating delicious food with out favorite Disney Characters! Read the full blog post here.

My family did mini golf at Disney World for my birthday and I am pretty sure I won ;)

 I have loved every minute spent in the special needs ministry at my church. My favorite place.

My baby sister went to prom and graduated high school, whaaaat?

New York City was a major highlight of the year. I have no desire to ever go back but my family has a lot of funny memories from this trip. It is always fun to go somewhere new! Read the full trip recap here. Read my pros and cons of NYC post here. 

Not only was 2019 the best year ever because the JONAS BROTHERS GOT BACK TOGETHER, but my sister and I had such a fun weekend in Tampa when we went to see them in concert! BEST NIGHT EVER!! Read our full trip recap here.

In the Summer I started my Junior year of college at the University of Central Florida!

There were a lot of football games and a lot of wins. Go Knights y'all.

My friends and I attended Zumba every Monday and it was such a highlight of the week. I loved starting my week dancing with these people.

My family went to Hollywood Studios on the most perfect day and fell in love with Toy Story Land. There is nothing like a Disney day.

These last few months have consisted of a LOT of UCF Basketball games and again.. a lot of wins. Go Knights(:

Over winter break, my friends and I spent a nice day at Disney Springs. 

Thanksgiving and Christmas were spent with family and was such a relaxing and fulfilling few weeks.

My parents and I are ending 2019 tomorrow at another UCF basketball game and then are heading to the Alabama bowl game on the 1st. I sure loved my sports in 2019!

Favorite Outfits:

This was the year of great Lilly Pulitzer finds. I loved this jumpsuit from the Lilly x Target collaboration.

I also like just about every other Lilly Pulitzer item I own, ha. 

This romper was a favorite this year.

I loved this simple Old Navy outfit and wore it out this year.

Here was the one and only cold weather outfit I wore in 2019. It is also the only neutral outfit I wore in 2019, ha.

Favorite Movies:

Frozen II of course!!! I went and saw it three times and if funds were unlimited, I would have gone three more. I just love this movie and the soundtrack is amazing! I sing Show Yourself almost every single day. I just love this movie!!

The live action Aladdin was incredible and such a nice surprise. This was the first live action where I felt the casting was spot on.

Unplanned was the most heartbreaking and informative movie I have seen ever. If you want to understand more about Planned Parenthood and what abortion is in general, I highly recommend watching this movie. It will stick with you forever. I don't believe anyone can truly speak on this topic without seeing with your own eyes what it entails.

Toy Story 4 was everything I could hope it would be. My sister and I saw it on premier day in Disney Springs and laughed so hard at this movie. Love it!

The Jonas Brothers' documentary Chasing Happiness came out on Amazon Prime and my sister and I were all up in our feels the entire day. We loved every minute of it.

Secret Obsession on Netflix is such a cheesy but intense psychological thriller. If you want a jumpy and fun movie to watch with friends or family, I recommend this one.

My mom and I laughed and cried equally hard watching this movie on foster care. So funny and SO sweet. Y'all have to watch this one.

My family went together tonight to see this movie and I am still crying over it. I was not expecting to love this movie as much as I did. WOW. Definitely one of the most amazing movies I've ever seen. SO SO GOOD.

Favorite TV Shows:

I have basically watched nothing but Disney + since it came out and can't remember what my life was before it honestly. Maybe I watched other shows earlier in 2019, maybe I didn't. I really don't remember, hahaha!

Favorite Books:

I did an entire blog post on my favorite books of the year because y'all know how much I can blab about books. You can read about my top 5 reads here.

Well there you have it everyone. I just love having these blog posts to look back on. 2019 was a great year. For the first year in a long time I worked a job I love and made an effort to put myself out there more. I have met so many new people and am so proud of how my year has been. I am so grateful for God's grace in my life this past year, because I certainly haven't been perfect. I have however, grown so much closer to Him this year and hope to only grow to know Him more this coming year.

I will be writing about my 2020 goals and resolutions soon and look forward to us chatting about our plans for 2020. For now, I want to know what your favorite memories, movies, etc.. of 2019 are. Comment below!

I will talk to you soon.


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