Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Old Navy Outfit & Favorite Podcasts

I can't tell you how happy I am to say that I have no clue what day it is. I am officially on summer break and I am taking it very seriously, ha. I don't get to sleep in because of my job, but I have spent hours laying out on a pool float (hence noticeable tan lines), eaten out for lunch, watched movies, you name it. These past two days have been so wonderful.
How cute is this outfit I wore yesterday? My mom and I headed out to Winter Park, FL which is a charming city only 25 minutes from us. 

We strolled through parks, trespassed on to the yards of gorgeous homes, and ate at Bolay. This was my first time eating here and I am obsessed now. Everything is gluten free and their menu is extremely healthy and easy to understand. The bowl I got was a hodge-podge of things but it tasted so delicious and I left feeling so refreshed. I will definitely be back.
Today is an exciting day because my new shoes are available for pick-up at Target! Ha, it doesn't take much to get me excited. I will show them to you on Instagram later, after I have picked them up. They are SO cute. I plan to wear them tonight to my sisters American Sign Language showcase. She is a senior and everyone is performing ASL to songs that are sentimental and I feel like I am going to cry. This season is so emotional, even though she isn't moving away for college. It's just weird when your baby siblings graduate high school y'all.

Let's talk podcasts shall we? I am not a huge podcast person because I can't just listen to something without having something to look at. Therefore, I only really listen to them when I am out for a walk. I will say however, that it is super nice to take a stroll and feel like you're chatting with a friend or getting caught up on news. Here are my recent favorites.

  • Bad on Paper : I just started this one yesterday but listened to several of the first episodes and love it. These two girls discuss mainly books, but also talk about lifestyle favorites, and have interviews too. This one is easy to listen to and just plain fun.

  • Skimm This: Y'all know I love my Skimm email newsletter to keep me up to date on world news and events. Well they started a podcast that has short episodes recapping some other things going on in the world and I have liked listening to it if I have a short drive somewhere. It is an easy way to be informed and they don't go into too much detail or bore you to death.

  • Blogging, Unscripted: Danielle is one of my favorite people to follow. She doesn't have my same style or lifestyle but is so transparent and fun to watch on Instagram stories. Not to mention her feed and blog are a great place to scroll for creative inspiration. This is her podcast where she shares tips for creating and growing a blog. This is content heavy and full of good tips. I have listed to several episodes while on walks, but need to listen to them again at my desk with paper and pencil. She is so open about what has made her successful and wants to help others do so too.

  • Literaticast: Y'all may not know this about me, but one of my dreams in life is to write my own picture book. I have written several children's stories and dream about one day getting them illustrated and published. Not only is this podcast fun because the host, a literary agent herself, interviews authors, but she also shares tips on how to get your book published. The process is so long and hard, but mark my words. One day, I will have a picture book published and in bookstores y'all. 
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Well there you have it everyone! What do you have going on right now? Any podcasts you think I should know about? Do tell!

I will talk to you very soon.



  1. Oh hey there, cutie! Good for you for enjoying that summer break! And I love the My Favorite Murder podcast- it's both creepy and hilarious!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. Thanks for reading! I will have to listen to that podcast. I haven't listened to a murder podcast before but have heard so many people say they like them. Thanks for the recommendation!

      Juliana Grace |

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks girl! I love all things straw right now!


  3. I love the Skimm podcast too!

    1. It's so quick and fun! Thanks for reading.



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