Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The Pro's & Con's of Visisting NYC

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am so late writing this post but life has been crazy! I started my second summer class and have been having to do service learning hours. Plus, the busy summer season of my job is beginning so the early mornings and late nights are about to begin too. 
In my NYC Trip Recap post, I said that there were many things about NYC that I wasn't warned about and would have liked to know before I went. That is what this post is about. I wanted to share an honest pro's and con's list of visiting the big apple. If you do visit soon, these are some things to expect and keep in mind.


1. There is so much to see and do- This is obvious, but so true. There are so many fun places to tour, stores to shop, and things to see. We covered a wide variety of things and still had items on our bucket list we didn't get to. You could spend a long time here and still not see it all.

2. There are different neighborhoods within the city that each have something to offer- This is what I found really cool about the city. There are different areas and each one has a totally different vibe. I would research the different neighborhoods before deciding where to stay.

3. Unique food & restaurants- I feel like this city is known for their abundance of neat restaurants and food experiences. You could honestly come and spend your whole day going from one place to the next if you're a foodie.


1. The people are harsh and rude to tourists- I was shocked by how rude almost everyone we met was. Our taxi driver, hotel staff, and retail staff were are so. frickin. rude. This may not come to as much of a shock if you live in say Boston, but as a native southerner, where we hold doors open for people and have common manners, this was a shock. I felt like I was in another country where the people didn't speak the same language as me. 

2. Transportation is a mess- We truly didn't expect that getting from point A to point B would be so difficult in NYC. My family (especially my dad) has been to multiple cities with metro systems and a lot of walking, but nothing is as confusing as this city. The subway is so utterly disgusting and confusing. The taxi's were gross and the drivers are rude. I will say however, the redeeming factor was our Uber drivers. Each time we took an Uber, they were awesome and so funny. However, even in an awesome Uber, it still takes an hour to make it one block. Or at least that's what if feels like in this city's traffic.

3. There are a lot of "not so pretty" parts- As beautiful as my pictures and famous movies and the like make this city look, let me tell you, the majority of this city is straight up nasty. Almost every pretty building had ugly scaffolding in front of it. This city also STINKS. I felt nauseous every morning when I stepped outside because of the mix of left over trash (NYC doesn't believe in trash cans), greasy food trucks on every corner, and exhaust fumes. There are beautiful parts of the city don't get me wrong but don't expect to get a breath of fresh air while your here. Even Central Park smelled like horse poo because of all the carriage tours. 

4.  So. many. people. - As someone who gets major anxiety in crowds, this was the worst part. You feel like you are always shoulder to shoulder with someone, regardless of where you are. If you are claustrophobic, beware! 

Well there you have it folks. Have you ever visited NYC? Anything I am missing from this list? Comment down below! I will talk to you soon.



  1. Hey girl, in my travel business I book alot of ppl to NYC and other big cities. An inexpensive transportation many like is the city's Hop On Hop Off Bus. They always get you around to all the major attractions you want to see, (so you never have to worry about figuring out the transportation to get there), and you get many facts and history along the way. Thx for your sorry you found the rude New Yorkers

    1. Yeah we didn't do the bus because our scheduled tours didn't line up with their stops and everything, but I am sure that is a nice way to get around. We got used to the rude people, haha!


  2. Oooo, thank you for sharing this! Definitely will need to save for future use! Would love to visit NYC soon.

  3. I go to NYC all the time for work- and while I could never live there (I like my car and suburb too much!) it feels like a different world which is fun! One of my favorite things to do is to get up early, grab a coffee, and just walk the city. I love that you can get basically anywhere on foot and I always discover so many pretty surprises along the way! Hope you give it another chance! :)


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