Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Five Things I Learned From My Momma!

It's Wednesday everyone, which means we are half way through this crazy week! At least it is crazy for me. This Sunday is Mother's Day and I can't wait to celebrate my Momma and the sweet lady who raised her. 

I will be honest and say I sometimes fret about not being a good mother one day, because the women in my family have set the bar so freakin' high. I will always live close so they can help me! :)

I thought it would be fun to share five things that my momma has taught me in life, even though there are far more!
1. You can love your family, and like your family.

We are family people around here. My mom has never felt the need to "get away" or go for a "girls weekend" because she genuinely likes us, not just loves us. She has always been a great friend to those she meets, but prefers to spend time with us, even though she sees us all the time. She has taught me that life is WAY more fun and enjoyable when you like your family and invest in relationships beyond what you are obligated to do as a family member. She's my BESTIE!

2. Don't take anything too seriously.

Oh my word. My mom is a laugher. I don't know if that is an actual word but it describes my mom to a tee. She laughs about everything with the most contagious laugh. She has taught me to never stay in a bad mood. Obviously my mom and I have butted heads before, but never for more than like 2 seconds, before she starts making fun of me and dying laughing. I would always be so mad, because I couldn't help from laughing too. Whenever someone in my family is having a bad day or is in a foul mood, she somehow finds a way to brighten our day and make us giggle!

3. A relationship with God is built day by day.

One thing that I don't think I noticed that I really admired about my mom is that she is so consistent with her daily devotions. She has one chair she sits in every morning, and opens the same binder of prayer requests before working her way through the Bible. She is flat-out dedicated to that relationship, and it shows through her relationships with others.

4. A little work on the front end, makes life so much easier in the long run.

This is a loaded statement that applies to almost everything my mom does. When it came to disciplining us as kids, she never gave in to our begging just to make us shut up for the five seconds in the grocery store. Were we screaming, getting stared at and on her nerves? Yes. But she would stick it out, and would tell you that not letting us get that candy or balloon when crying that one time, made us behave so much better the rest of the trips to the grocery store. Do you get where I am going? 
This also applies to organizing and cleaning. I still haven't quite caught on to her whole clean freak nature, as much as I wish I could, but I admire it. It isn't that she can't enjoy her day or let people make a mess, it's just that it has to be cleaned up and organized before she hits the pillow at night. Sometimes I think she is crazy, because I go to bed every night with my room a wreck, but the difference is, is that I wake up to a mess while she wakes up to a fresh start.
Are you catching my drift? My mom is a hard worker and (like me), loves to have a plan. But I think that having our lives organized, has made living it so much more enjoyable.
I love having a mom who works hard on the little things, so that in the big picture, we can have fun without any stress. 

5. You can never be too matchy-matcy, and leggings are NEVER pants

I always tell my mother that "I would be nothing without her" but I don't really refer to it when talking about my personality, friends, life, etc.. Nope. I say that, in reference to my style.. LOL! I am 19 years-old and I still ask my mom to come with me each time I go clothes shopping. She is a preppy lady with classy southern style, and I would be nothing without her! :) haha!

So there you have it. I don't know why, but I feel like crying. I just love my mom so stinkin' much and hope you squeeze your momma a little extra this coming Sunday! I will talk to you on Friday!



  1. You described your precious momma to the tee! I miss her so much! I look forward to the day she and I can sit and sip on a glass of southern sweet tea! You are blessed! Much love to you both! Leslie Gore


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