Friday, May 11, 2018

Spontaneous Miscellaneous

Happy Friday! Oh how I love these posts! I am checking in with y'all today to share some of my recent favorite random things!! If you ever do a similar post, please let me know, I love reading them.

One // Bluetooth Microphone
If you are ready to take your home alone karaoke parties to a whole new level, you NEED this microphone. My family and friends have had so much fun with this microphone and isn't it so cute? You can use it solely as a speaker as well when you don't feel like jamming! I also can not wait to use this in my classroom!

Two // Foam Roller
Y'all, this is the best thing ever. It hurts REAL good folks. My parents got it for me to roll out my joints and muscles after a long run because I would always complain about feeling tight, but I kid you not, they request me to roll their joints out each night. This is a handheld foam roller that you can use on yourself and others. There are also these kind which are to be used on the floor. If you are EVER sore after a workout, this is a must for you.

Three // Ink Joy and Flair Pens
Don't judge. I will pay good money for the right pens. If you are in college, a teacher, or write a lot, you need Ink Joy pens and Flair pens from Papermate. They're amazing and make not taking WAY more fun!

Four // Bookables
A lot of you have asked where I get my book recommendations so I thought I would share my favorite lady with you. I follow her on her YouTube channel and on her Goodreads. It takes a long time to figure out if someone is into the same kind of books as you and whether or not you can trust their oppinions and she always it's it spot on. I will read anything she recommends.

Five // Lakeshore Library Bins
These bins from Lakeshore are going to be so cute in my classroom library. I love the bright colors and they are so sturdy. Not to mention, the price really isn't too bad for such a high quality product.

Six // Kane Brown
I love this guys voice and his songs are so good. My faaaaav is "Found You". SO good!

Seven // Blogger Shout Out!
I have decided that each week I am going to shout out a blogger who I love to follow! This week I am shouting out Mary Margaret from Simply Darling Blog! Not only does she have the cutest style and best fashion finds, but is always so positive and sweet! Give her a follow y'all!  

Well now you know what I have been loving recently. What have you been diggin' this week? I would love to know! Talk to you on Monday babes, enjoy your weekend.


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