Monday, May 7, 2018

My New Favorite Swimsuit!

Happy Monday everyone. I had such a wonderful weekend, but Monday came to quickly. I am back to work and summer classes have begun. Back to the grind y'all. Time to make those dreams happen!
I did enjoy my Saturday however having girl talk at the beach. I just wish I could have skipped the sunburn. Whoops! Hopefully it will turn to tan and stop hurting so bad very soon. I did get to try out what is now my new favorite swim suit though.
I have never though to order any type of clothes from Amazon, but this suit was a hit. It was cheap, came quick with Prime shipping, and is nice quality. I always like ordering fun and different swimsuits than what you would normally find in Target and this one is so fun! I love the giant ruffle on one shoulder!
How cool is our giant pink flamingo float? I am in love with her!!
Have a great start to the week y'all. Talk to you soon!



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