Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Four School Must Haves

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday I had my first classes of the Spring semester and I feel rather nerdy saying that I am excited, haha! I enjoyed the month off for winter break but I am so ready to get back to a routine. I will say however that this semester will be a LOT harder than the last. My professors are just tougher this year and the work is going to be harder. I also am taking five classes this semester so pray I do well!

Today I thought I would put together a full post showing some of my favorite things for school. Cute school supplies make studying far more fun!

One // My Planner
 Oh my word what would my life BE without my planner?? I don't even know. My life is in this thing. I love how cute it is and I really enjoy starting each week with planning out not only what I have to do each day but my overall goals for the week. I also kind of love stickers, if you couldn't tell. :)

Two // My Tervis Cup
I know this sounds silly but I have been through the ringer with cups. I hate to sound like goldilocks but I could never find one that was just right. Either it was too heavy, or too big to fit in my car cup holder, or the cold metal kept hurting my teeth, or the lid would break.. I could not win. This is the true winner of all cups. You can find them in a bunch of different designs and shapes but the one I have and carry with me every day all day and to school also, is this UCF cup. Cute right?? #chargeon

Three // Mechanical Pencils
 These are seriously the best mechanical pencils out there. I know it is kind of ridiculous of me to think this but I seriously feel ready to conquer the world when I whip out these awesome mechanical pencils y'all. #it'sthelittlethings

Four // Monograms for My Binders
Monogram decals are on every single folder and binder I bring to school. They just spice up my solid color stationary ya know? You can also reference my post here on how to get free preppy stickers sent to you, since we all know by now, I LOVE STICKERS!

There you have it. The four things I never go to school without. Have a great spring semester y'all! YOU GOT THIS!!!



  1. So much YES to mechanical pencils, and your planner is really cute! x

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thanks Joanne! I LOVE all things school supplies :)



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