Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Pretty Prom Dresses!

Happy Wednesday y'all! I am so happy to be back. By "back", I mean out of bed and healthy again. #fluseasonsucks. 

I can't wait to catch up on all the things in a Spontaneous Miscellaneous post on Friday but today I wanted to talk PROM!

Whether or not you plan on going to your prom, you have to admit, looking at dresses is SO fun. It was arguably my favorite part of the whole experience! Ha :)

Sadly, (but not really all that sad) I am out of high school so I don't have another prom to go to. I did however still find a few stunning dresses online that I thought were worth sharing for those of you who do have a prom to go to still! 

First, I will start with a photo from my prom...
... aaah I loved my dress! 

Here are some other dresses I love!
This dress looks like Cinderella, I LOVE!

I would love this dress with the right up-doo and a bright red lip.... yes MA'AM!
An Audrey Hepburn inspired prom look? Absolutely!

I love pink satin!

So sparkly and pretty I love it.

Well there you have five dresses that I just LOVE! What color was/is your dress?

Have a great day, talk to you soon!


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