Saturday, January 6, 2018

Spontaneous Miscellaneous

Happy Friday everyone! I am so excited to be back in a routine. My life will be even more organized next week when classes start back. I have a feeling this semester is going to be a good one!!

I have several recent favorites to share with you today, but I also just did a post on Wednesday recapping my year 2017. I shared all of my favorite moments, TV shows, movies, books, outfits, etc.. You can read that post here.

Let me now introduce you to my recent favorites!

One // Funko Pop Figures
This is possibly the most random favorite I have ever shared on here, but have y'all heard of these things?? I am OBSESSED! I totally made fun of my cousin and sister when they got into them but no joke, I love these little things now. They have a Pop figure for every show, book, series, everything! I currently have the Buddy the Elf one, which I got for Christmas, along with the Cat in the Hat one because I love Dr. Seuss, haha! The ones I really wish I could find are the FRIENDS characters but they are sold out most places and people are only re-selling them for oh, you know, 70 dollars a piece. #nothappening
Do you have some? A bunch of them? None yet? Think I'm crazy? Let me know!

Two // Speak Out
I have never laughed so hard in my whole life y'all. My parents, sister, grandparents, aunt, and I played this game on Christmas day and I may have peed a little. I wasn't shocked to hear that Ellen created this game because it's just so darn stupid and hilarious. You need to play it!!

Three // The Greatest Showman
Okay y'all. I'm not playing when I say this movie (and soundtrack) is inching it's way up my favorite movie list. I am so in love with the casting, the music, the acting...and Zac Efron of course. #hubby
Go see this movie in theaters RIGHT THIS INSTANT!!

This has changed my long run game. I would always time my long runs to swing by my house for water every couple miles because I would be so thirsty. I finally decided just to try one of these handheld bottles. It is great! It holds enough water to get you through a long run, but not so much that it feels you're running with a weight in one hand. It can also fit my iPhone in it so I don't even need my running belt any more. Lastly, you don't have to unscrew anything to drink out of it. No water spills out or leaks either. All you have to do is tilt backwards and squeeze and it will squirt water in your mouth. This thing is a win!

Five // The Bachelor is BACK!
WAHOO! I am diggin' Arie so far. The group of women seem good too so far so I am so in. Y'all know this means that Sheaffer is recapping each episode with every ounce of wit and humor she has. I love that lady!

Six // Football Y'all
UCF beat Auburn and Alabama beat Clemson! This past Monday was definitely a favorite.

What are some of your favorites from this past week? Comment below or email me and let me know!



  1. I absolutely loved the Greatest Showman, and the soundtrack is amazing!!! As for the new bachelor, not a fan. Prob, because I loved Nick way too much. Haha.

    1. Nick Viall?? I haven't met anyone who liked him haha! I am so excited for this season.. and YES the Greatest Showman is AMAZING! I haven't stopped listening to the soundtrack. Have a great week!


  2. We just played Speak Out on our vacation and it was hysterical!! We laughed and laughed. We decided the people who have had braces were better at it than the others in the group.

    1. Ooooh I didn't think to notice that! Isn't it just the funniest game?? I have never laughed so hard! :) Have a great rest of your week!



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