Prom 2016!! + Tips & Tricks

This past weekend, a few of my best friends and I went to PROM!! I thought it would be fun to put some pictures up with little tips along the way!

Tip #1. BREAK IN THEM SHOES! If I were you I would put on socks and walk around in your prom shoes for a couple of days before the dance. Don't let the day of Prom be your first time in the pumps. Trust me!!!

Tip #2. Don't rush through pictures! This might sound like a no brainer but taking pictures and doing all the poses you want will take longer than you think. Allow extra time and pick a pretty location!
PS. How awesome did my sis do on these pictures!!

I used the Lorac Pro Palette for my eyes, Merle Norman makeup for my face, and Merle Norman lipstick as well. I have short hair so there wasn't much to do with it, but I did spend about 30 minutes making sure it was curly! 
Tip #3. Overestimate how much time you will take to get ready. It is better to be waiting around with extra time then it is to be rushed!

Tip #4. HAVE FUN! I enjoyed my prom five times more than I thought I would and had a blast. Break it down sister, prom doesn't happen every day!

When is your prom? Hope you enjoyed seeing my snaps from the night! Talk to you soon!


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