Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Best French Toast EVER!

Hey gang! What are y'all up to this weekend? I will be at Prom tonight!! When do y'all have your senior prom? I am stoked to upload lots of snaps on here of my dress and hair etc... 

Today I thought I would start out my blog post with a little story. 

So my dad's parents live in this three story house that is rather old(ish) and they have never moved. Everyone else in my family has moved around since I was born (including me) so my dad's parents house is the one house I remember just always being there. There are naturally so many memories in that house I am sure for my dad as it was the house he grew up in, but I also have a lot of memories there too. I used to play spy and build forts with my cousin like a total tomb-boy, spend time in the den coloring, playing with my grandfathers type writer, but most importantly... the best memory of all time in that house... Mawmaw's French Toast.  My Grandma always knew how much I LOVED her french toast like no other. She claimed that she did nothing special but something about the way she fixes it makes me so uber happy. I have never really been able to make it quite like she does but today  I did start out my weekend with a pretty darn good piece of French Toast if I do say so myself. I also just had to serve it up in my favorite navy china pattern. I just love beautiful antiques like my grandparents have in their home too.

I started this recipe last night actually as I attempted to make Challah Bread. This is originally a bread used during the Jewish Sabbath but many places all over the globe use this bread recipe to make amazing French Toast so why not? I mean why not spend a wild Friday night making bread from scratch? :P

Although I did manage to burn the bottom a bit after all that work (and pout for a solid 10 minutes) it still made a delicious breakfast this morning (just scrape off the bottom if you forget to check on your bread like me). I used this recipe for the french toast. 

ALSO, Random Side Note, I am IN LOVE with this skirt. Okay that is all!!

What a way to start off a fantastic weekend. Hope y'all enjoy your Saturday.

Talk to you soon!


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