Sunday, May 1, 2016

Events Of The Bible: Gideon Delivers Israel- Weekly Devotion

Happy Sunday friends. For you newbies to the blog, welcome! We are all working our way through each event of the bible together in order and doing quite swell so far. I am trying to upload these on Sunday nights from now on so keep your eyes out each week. You can catch up on each of the events so far by visiting my page here.

What We Read This Week:
God had chosen a humble man named Gideon to deliver Israel after the Midianites had destroyed their land. This was because of Israels disobedience to God. Gideon lacked confidence and often asked for signs from God to prove that he wasn't misinterpreting anything. God showed Gideon the signs and he slowly gained confidence. God tested his confidence though. As Gideon was prepared for battle with 32,000 men in his army, God eliminated all but 300 men to fight in battle. He didn't want Gideon to boast in his army but int the Lord who has saved them. The trumpets of these 300 men caused great confusion among the Midianites and they fought and destroyed each other. God had used Gideon to deliver Israel.

Relating it to Your Life:
Have you ever felt a great need to do something? Maybe God kept you up one night thinking about a certain person, group of people, or action you need to take. You continue to ask for signs because you just aren't sure how to go about helping. We have all been there and immediately want to phone a friend to help in the situation am I right? Sometimes God has a great reward at the end of this for you and he doesn't need your buddy to help. He's got you covered girl.

This Weeks Reading: Judges 11, 12 

Hope you enjoyed! Talk to you very soon!


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