Friday, January 24, 2020

Spontaneous Miscellaneous | Caloosa Waterwear Discount Code

Happy Friday everyone! I am so happy to be back on the blog with a Spontaneous Miscellaneous post!
It has been a little while since we talked about what we've been loving lately so let's catch up.

Lilly Pulitzer APS
Did you shop the After Party Sale at the beginning of this month? I scored some goodies and have been slowly sharing them over on my Instagram. Here are some pictures of what I got. I am ready for Spring and Summer, can't you tell?

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
This movie y'all. If you didn't see my 2019 recap I shared that near the end of December my family went to see this movie and bawled our eyes out. I had no previous knowledge of Mr. Rogers really, but left with swollen eyes and a vow to be more like him. This is just the sweetest and one of my favorite movies to date. Watch the trailer here.

Knives Out
This movie is up for a bunch of awards and for good reason. If you want a good murder mystery similar to Clue, you will love this movie. There has a big cast and it was super funny! Watch the trailer here.

Just Mercy
Woah. This movie was heavy. I took this movie REALLY hard. It wrecked me. This movie is based of the true story of a Harvard lawyer who moves to Alabama to defend prisoners on death row. It is SO good and one I will remember for the rest of my life. Watch the trailer here.

Togo on Disney +
Okay so this morning I was wide awake super early with a stomach ache and decided to watch the movie Togo on Disney +. I am not sure why because I hadn't really heard anything about it, but the banner kept appearing at the top so I turned it on with the intention of falling back asleep. Y'all. It was incredible. I am extremely curious about Alaskan people and love true stories about dogs so this was right up my alley. If you like anything similar, check this one out! Watch the trailer here.

Good Luck Charlie on Disney +
It is no secret I about flipped my lid when I heard about Disney + and all the childhood favorites it would have on it. My sister and I watched a couple of the shows and have realized a lot of them aren't nearly as good now as they were when we were kids. Good Luck Charlie though, HAS GOTTEN BETTER WITH TIME. IT IS SO FUNNY. Okay, I will stop screaming. BUT YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT. 

New Zumba Shirt
Look at this tank my parents got me for Christmas!! It is a big hit at Zumba and I have decided it is pretty much my life motto, ha! Why be moody, when you can shake dat booty? Amen! Find the shirt here.

Lilly Pulitzer Fitbit Band
I was SO excited when I went to the mailbox and saw this cute watch band waiting for me. This cute Etsy shop makes a ton of cute Lilly inspired items, and a lot of Fitbit and Apple Watch bands. I love these! Shop the Fitbit Bands here.

Caloosa Waterwear New Line & Discount Code
I am THRILLED to be an ambassador for Caloosa Waterwear now! It is no secret that my favorite place to be is my the ocean, so finding a brand that has that as part of their mission statement.. perfect!! Living in Florida, I love finding cute clothing that is beachy and nautical but also sweat resistant. Caloosa Waterwear has the best wicking, ultra-comfort shirts for hot weather and active living. Not to mention their designs are just so beautiful. You can shop their website here and don't forget to use my discount code 'grace20' for 20% off of your order! Happy shopping water bugs!

Now I am dying to know what movies, shows, clothing, or trends you are loving currently! Let me know below! I will talk to you soon.


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