Monday, April 29, 2019

Sophomore Year Ending + What is Next For Me

Happy Monday y'all. It is a happy Monday indeed, because I took my last final today of my sophomore year and completed my A.A. Degree! 
This is such an exciting time as I make the transfer from the state school I was at for two years to The University of Central Florida! I have grown up about 5 minutes from the second largest university and am thrilled to finally be a student. 

It was a better decision for me to start at a state school and I plan to do a post all about why along with the pros and cons on Wednesday. I can't wait though to be done with the general education classes and be moving on to the classes for my major (which begin in a few weeks). I am spending my very short summer break studying for the General Knowledge Test that I have to retake in about a month and then my classes begin. AGH! This is a crazy and exciting time.

Do you have any travel plans for this summer? In a little over a month, my family is heading to NYC and I couldn't be more excited to go to the Big Apple. Any recommendations are very welcome.

I will talk to y'all soon. Have a happy day!



  1. You're too cute, I love this colorful look. Enjoy college and try to have fun! It goes by so fast :)


    1. Thank you! The more colorful the better in my book (: I will, thank you!



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