Wednesday, April 24, 2019

April Reading Recap & Reccomendations

It's Wednesday and it's nearing the end of April already! WHAT? How do months just keep flying by so quickly? As sad as I am that my birthday month is coming to the end, I'm excited for a book roundup! 
April was a really good reading month and I can't wait to share the goods BUT FIRST. I have a book that you NEED to pre-order!

PRE ORDER: Scoot Over and Make Some Room by: Heather Avis
I have pre-ordered the new book by Heather Avis and can.not.wait until it comes out. She messaged me about possibly doing a Skype book club after it comes out and y'all, I feel like this is going to be a real gem. This book is all about creating a more inclusive world for people with disabilities. This is what I am most passionate about in life and want you to read it with me. Let's do this together friends!

Now onto the books I read this month.

Two Can Keep a Secret by: Karen M. McManus
I really liked this authors first book and was curious to see if she could shock me with an ending again. I freakin' loved this one. This is a murder mystery book about a twin girl and boy who return to the small town their mother grew up in. This town has a history of beautiful girls going missing on homecoming night and the main character is determined to figure it out. However, while she is living there, another girl goes missing. I did NOT see this ending coming and sat with my mouth open long after I closed the book. READ THIS ONE. It isn't gory or scary enough to keep you up at night but if you just want a good murder mystery, this is the book for you.

Rate: 5 Stars!

One for the Murphys by: Lynda Mullalay Hunt
I was hoping to read a good middle grade book after that intense read and my mom really liked this one. It is a quick read about a girl in foster care and it is really just sweet. I shed a small tear and loved every second of this one.

Rate: 5 Stars!

Fish in a Tree by: Lynda Mullalay Hunt
So funny story. After reading that last book by this author, I decided to read another one by her. I saw that this one was about a girl with dyslexia and was so excited. However, as I started to read, it started to sound really familiar. I read it in a short two days and when I went to rate it on my Goodreads account, I realized I actually had already read this book last summer. Haha, whoops. Well, I loved it a second time. (:

Rate: 5 Stars!
After two short middle grade level books, this one felt extremely long and overly descriptive. I will say that the style of writing wasn't for me but made the story. This is about a girl who takes off spontaneously on a cross country run from Seattle to DC. We don't know what she is running from and only learn small details of her tragic past throughout the book. There were some parts I really liked and some I really didn't. It was good though and the ending was excellent.

Rate: 4 Stars!

Well, those are the books I read this month y'all. What did you read this month? I have SO many good books in my library bag for next month and can't wait to get reading! Talk to you soon.


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