Friday, February 16, 2018

Florida School Shooting

Hi everyone. I am sorry for the absence on my blog and social media since Wednesday. As you can imagine, myself, like many others, were deeply distraught at the news of the 17 high school students shot and killed by a former student in a Parkland Florida Public School. As a future teacher and someone who values the privilege we have to acquire an education in what should be a safe environment, I was very sad to see the videos and articles of students recalling the events of the horrific day.

Regardless of if you want to blame this tragedy on mental health or gun control, and regardless of which side of the political isle you fall, we can agree there needs to be a change. 18 school shootings in 24 days is NOT okay. Do we need to get strict on gun control? Do we need to be better about recognizing mental health concerns? Does the media need to stop portraying violent acts in video games and TV shows that desensitize people and lower our value of human life? Maybe a great start would be the FBI taking tips about individuals with potential to do this harm seriously. 

I don't know the exact answer but if doing one or all of those things would keep SEVENTEEN innocent children from being killed, don't you think it is worth considering. Take your political values out of it and throw away your pride people, we need a change. 

I love the way Megyn Kelly on the TODAY show spoke about the shooting. 

More than anything, this country needs love. The greatest love I have ever known is the love of Jesus. Prayer results in change. Don't say you will pray. PRAY.

I will resume with regular blog posts next week but I wanted those of you who maybe haven't researched this event or seen much news coverage to get a real sense of what these victims are experiencing and spend time in prayer for them and their families. 

God Bless

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