Monday, February 26, 2018

February Book Reviews

Happy Monday y'all! I am so happy I have decided to share monthly book recaps because I enjoy reliving each story and sharing my favs with you! I can't believe that February is almost over. It is already close to 90 degrees here though, so it almost feels like July! This month was kind of hectic and I only read two books but I had completely different thoughts about each of them so I couldn't wait to share.

 I was REALLY looking forward to reading this one after several bloggers I follow said it was one of their favorite books ever. To be honest, it was far too slow moving for me. I lost interest. I wanted to like the book so bad, but just couldn't get all that into it. I also saw that some very adult scenes were coming and after I decided to stop reading, I read some spoiler reviews and it sounds very inappropriate and dark. I wouldn't recommend this book.

Rating: 1 Star

I haven't heard very many people talk about this book but it was AMAZING! It was intense straight from the beginning which is always awesome. I wouldn't say it is an "easy read" but it is still very enjoyable. Props to the author for including some awesome and challenging vocabulary in there!

This story is about a woman whos son goes missing during their walk in the woods shortly after her divorce and throughout the book you follow the police detectives and the mother has they try to decide who kidnapped or killed her son... but everyone isn't quite who you think they are. UGH. SO GOOD!!!!! I never saw the ending coming and I am pretty good about guessing the end of thrillers ahead of time. READ IT!!

Rating: 5 Stars!

What book(s) have y'all read this month? I would love to hear your favorites down below!


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