Friday, February 9, 2018

Spontaneous Miscellaneous

Happy Friday y'all! I am spending my day knocking out some school work so that I can enjoy my weekend! What are y'all up to? The opening ceremony of the winter Olympics is on tonight and I am so excited. This even brings so many countries together and it is so interesting to watch.
I have so many great random things to share with you from my week. Let's dive in!

One // Target Shoes... again!!
I feel like every time there is a change in season, Target kills it with the shoe game. I mean seriously, they have the cutest shoes for so cheap. Those are the two pairs I bought yesterday at Target, but I also love these and these.

I am totally letting my freak flag fly here, because I found this video SO interesting. Everyone should watch it because I think many people speak on this topic without really knowing the facts and the visuals in the video make it really easy to understand. My mind was BLOWN! Watch the video here.

Three // Disney in the Rain
My sister and I had a great Sunday skipping around Magic Kingdom in the rain. Y'all, Disney World is the BEST in the rain. Everyone leaves, the lines are short, and it isn't blasting hot for a change. We were SOAKED and couldn't be happier. Love my sister!

Four // Nikes
Coming back to shoes, I love my new Nikes y'all. I got them for 20$ at a Style Encore so keep your eyes peeled at your local Style Encore and Platos Closet because I sometimes find the BEST deals there!

Five // Books, Books, Books
I shared in this blog post on Wednesday about how I find great books for cheap but I hit jackpot on Saturday with the sale going on at my library. I daydream about my classroom library y'all.... again with the freak flag. (:  

Six // Dry Shampoo
You need this dry shampoo people. I have tried several different brands and this one is the best. I would make sure the get the non-scented because their scented ones can be kind of strong. I was at first terrified because when I sprayed it in my hair it turned gray, LOL. However, after brushing it and massaging it in with my fingers you couldn't even tell, and my hair had no oil at all. I have always struggled with oily hair so this is a real jackpot find!

Seven // Gerber Baby
I saved the best for last. Meet Lucas, the first Gerber baby with down syndrome. How amazing is that? It makes my special education heart SO happy.

I love what Heather Avis said about this, "We are in a history making, narrative shifting, bar raising time. I am convinced the day will come when a mom getting a new diagnosis feels the need to high-five her doctor rather than cry in despair." 

I absolutely love the way she worded that. Yes there are countries still aborting babies with down syndrome and to many this may not seem like a huge deal, but for years the Gerber baby represented the "perfect ideal" baby and I think it is only fitting that a down syndrome baby be included. They are just as perfect and ideal as every other baby.

I hope y'all have a fantastic weekend. I will talk to you again on Monday!



  1. I think the newest Gerber baby is just so sweet-I love his smile! & I have been loving the newest Target shoes coming out too!!
    Thanks so much for your sweet blog comments--lol I have my popsocket up higher because it otherwise gets in the way w/ my wireless charger! On my 6s it's a bit lower--Have a Happy week ahead girlie!--Katelyn/

    1. Isn't he adorable??

      Yes girl, Target shoes always get me!!

      That makes total sense now about the popsocket, lol!

      Thanks for the sweet comment! I always look forward to your blog posts.



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