Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Fall Staples!

Hey y'all! Florida has some of the weirdest weather right now. Many of you may know that we are all getting prepared for Hurricane Mathew to make his arrival so everyone is in complete chaos. However, the weather has been as hot and sunny as summer. I was sweatin' in my boots y'all. We have lot's of ice and water though so we should hopefully be okay.

Today I am sharing some fall must-haves!! Like y'all need these. You can basically take a solid color sweater, jeans, and a blanket scarf and mix and match to make a dozen different outfits. This is definitely a fall go-to. I linked similar items to mine that are all fairly good prices (see below the last picture). You will definitely be seeing some more sweaters and scarfs from me soon, assuming I don't have a heat stroke first :) 

Y'all enjoy your hump day! I am going to go hunker-down for this hurricane and read a good book. Talk to you soon!

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