Friday, September 30, 2016

Spontaneous Miscellaneous

Happy Friday y'all. I thought this day would never come. Today's plans were going to consist of an afternoon at the beach with my grandparents who are in town but thanks to the storms coming in, that won't be happening. We did however get to enjoy a day with them on Tuesday and that is definitely a favorite of this week. I can't wait for them to live close!
We also have a trip in the works to Savannah Georgia with the whooole family for Christmas. I can't wait to share everything with y'all.

Let's jump into some things that have been on my radar recently!

If you have seen my Instagram pictures recently, you may know that I am LOVING my fall themed coffee cozys. It puts me in the fall spirit even if I am only drinking an iced coffee to keep me cool and awake. Her shop is opening up tomorrow with even more options. You can stalk her Instagram to see what all the fuss is about. I love creative people. 

This show y'all. It is SO good. I am a total sucker for political/government dramas and the first two episodes of this show are JUST as good as the trailer implied. There is little to none foul language (so far) and though there are parts that are very dramatic and sad, there is nothing gory or yucky to look at (again, so far). I big time recommend watching folks. 
(Don't worry though y'all, this has not replaced Madam Secretary... Season 3. October 2nd. 2 Days. 48 Hours. It's coming back. #butwhoscounting)

This is the most random thing ever but I actually went and got a manicure this morning and I feel like this needs to be a bi-weekly thing. Because like Elle Woods, it's the one thing that makes me happy no matter what ;) Can you tell I watched Legally Blonde again yesterday? #nevergetsold

I love keeping up with certain bloggers and love to feel like I go through life with them. Well one of my biggest style inspirations and favorite bloggers, Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam just moved from San Francisco to Charleston South Carolina. I can't wait to see her new adventures living on the East Coast. It's the best coast ;) But I am not biased at all.  

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