Friday, October 7, 2016

Spontaneous Miscellaneous

Hey y'all! I am so confused on what day it is. As you may know, central Florida schools have been shut down for the last two days because of Hurricane Mathew. He made his way through Florida early this morning. I didn't get much sleep but that wasn't due to the fact of gusting winds and the possibility of natural disaster hanging over my head. No. It was due to a frog right outside my window ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Okay that may be an exaggeration but that stupid thing wouldn't SHUT UP! Y'all know that my biggest fears are snakes and frogs so in the midst of many Floridians loosing power, and experiencing complete chaos, I am having nightmares about frogs. Well. 

Despite the whole reptile situation, I am feeling very blessed this morning. So many went without power, and many in Haiti have lost everything including the lives of family, friends and neighbors. Spend some time praying today y'all. 

Now let's chat about some recent FAVS!

Image result for giddy up eunice
Oh my word this Author. This crazy lady just gets me. I understand that she is in her forty's and has kids my age but we could still easily be best friends. She has a southern humor and some of the funniest stories. This book is a total gem. Sophie Hudson talks about three examples in the bible where women were being mentored or being the mentors. She talked about the importance of cross-generational friendships and how important it is for women to have strong christian relationships with one another. This was very convicting, and very entertaining as well. Love this lady! Y'all need to read this book!

Meredith's Homecoming Hair & Makeup
I just have to take a second and tell y'all that my sister is a BEAUT! Her homecoming dance was last week and she looked stunning. Her and my mom went to pick out the dress, jewelry, and shoes (LOVED IT ALL) and I did her hair and makeup. Ain't she cute??

Hunter Rainboots for Girls
Many of you may follow Carly's blog (if you don't I am giving you an opportunity to redeem yourself and go follow her because you need to. You're welcome.) Y'all may not know however, that she has a YouTube channel where she does vlogs almost every day. As much as I love reading peoples blogs and scrolling through their pictures on Instagram, you start to really feel like you know them once you see a bit into their every day life. Carly is so fun to watch on all of her adventures. 

Alrighty that's all for you today folks! I am going to get back in bed now and wait out the storm. Would say I will then help my dad pick up all the debris in the road and pool but after hearing that frog all night, I think I will stay inside for the day ;)

Talk to y'all soon! Have a great weekend!

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