Saturday, February 20, 2016

New Hair, Instagram, The Bachelor | Life Update

GUUUYS! I have missed blogging over these past two weeks! Boy do we have lots to catch up on. First off, I apologize that I took a few weeks off of blogging. My immune system has been completely shot recently and I have had a nasty cold for two weeks straight. Not to mention, I had a ton of SAT preparing to do since I take that test in a few weeks. Any test day tips would be much appreciated.
In these pictures you may notice I got a hair cut! If you know me you know I love changing my hair ALL the time. I haven't however ever colored my hair. It is funny how I never want to ever dye my hair but am so daring when it comes to cutting it.
What are y'all up to this weekend? I will be going to DISNEY WORLD! I am about to pee myself with excitement about going to Magic Kingdom tomorrow. Even though I live only an hour from the most magical place on earth, it has been several years since I have been. Catch all the pictures on my Instagram over the next few days here.
After my Disney trip on Sunday, I will be spending my Monday night watching THE BACHELOR!! This coming week is hometown visits and I can not wait to see all these girls families and what Ben thinks. 
Here are my main thoughts:
1. Ben is easily one of my favorite bachelors (next to Shawn and Catherine's season of course)
2. I think Lauren B. has a somewhat boring personality compared to the other girls but think he will pick her at the end and they are stinkin cute together.
3. I do love JoJo but I really hope that Caila is the next bachelorette. Hopefully she will share with us her hair secrets because she looks like she is straight out of a TRESemme commercial.

What are your thoughts of this season of the bachelor thus far? Who do you think will be the one standing in the end? Only a few more weeks :)
PHEW! Now that we are all caught up friends, I will see you soon! Expect plenty of blog posts coming soon!

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