Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Events of the Bible: The Battle of Jericho-Weekly Devotion

Hey Y'all! Before we get started real fast I wanted to apologize for leaving some of you hanging with these devotions. I was really sick and took a two week break from the blog... but I'm back! We are still continuing to work our way through every event of the Bible so stick with me folks :)
What we Learned This Week:
If you remember the last event, we learned that God used a prostitute to protect the Israelite spies to help them eventually get the promised land ;) That is one of my favorite parts of the WHOLE Bible! Well now we are at the Battle of Jericho. God had the Israelites use a strange tactic. God had them march around the city of Jericho and the men of Jericho actually trembled in fear. After seven days of this same routine, God won a great victory through the Israelites as the people surrendered, the city was torn apart, and Rahab (the prostitute) was protected in return. This was the land that God had promised them.
Relating it to Your Life:
This reminds me of when I was younger and my mom knew I had done something wrong, and so she would just ask me several times until I finally confessed. Momma always won that game. Anyways, beside the point. Once again, God delivered on his promises. Sometimes in weird ways, God proves to be trustworthy. Do you not think that after about day three of marching around the whole city and nothing changing that the Israelites weren't questioning God? Of course they did! This plan seemed cray cray and they were ready to have a nap! However, in the most unlikely circumstance, God came through. Trust my friends. Trust is key.
Next Weeks Reading:
Joshua 21:43-45
Judges 1:8-36
(I know its kind of a lot but I think you can handle it!!)
I will talk to all of you tomorrow! Leave any questions, concerns, or comments down below or email me!

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