Monday, April 25, 2022

One Dress, Four Colors

 Hello and happy Monday everyone. I have lost all the pep in my step and am SO ready for the school year to come to a close. One. More. Month. 

I am however, VERY excited about today's blog post because I am sharing my favorite dress in FOUR different colors. I just love when you find a piece you love and it is offered in multiple colors or patterns. This dress is only $23 and I mean if you like it, get it in every color right?


How perfect is this color for summer? I love this purse and shoe combo with the yellow as well. Arguably what makes the outfit though are these pink polka dot rainboot earrings from Coras Den. You can always use my code JGRACE10 for 10% off her website. You may notice I wear her earrings in almost all of these outfits, ha!


This is actually the first color I ordered because if you know me for more than 5 seconds, you know I love pink. I couldn't help but pair this dress with my favorite Lilly purse. My matching Lilly print earrings are also from Coras Den (use code JGRACE10 for 10% off).


If I couldn't wear pink every day, I would definitely substitute for blue and white. With "Coastal Grandmother" being the TikTok trend this summer, blue is definitely the vibe. I love a good whicker purse during the summer too. My earrings are from Coras Den (use code JGRACE10) for 10% off.


I absolutely love how this color looks with the Florida Spartina purse. I added some fun lime earrings to the mix and this outfit just screams summer. 

Well friends, which color is your favorite? Are you planning to order all of them like me? Ha! I hope you all have a wonderful week. I will chat with you soon.


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