Saturday, June 4, 2022

April & May Reading Recap

 I read five books over the last two months and there were several that I really LOVED!

This is always my favorite post to write and I can't wait to hear from you all about what you have read recently and what you recommend. Let's get into my book reviews.

No Exit by: Taylor Adams

When a girl pulls up to a rest stop in the middle of the night to wait out the horrible snow storm, starting to block the roads, she is joined there by a group of strangers that seem to be in her same situation. However, when she steps outside and sees a young child trapped in a cage in the back of a van, she knows that one of these strangers is a kidnapper.. or something worse.

I really liked the idea of this book and thought I would really enjoy it but wow I HATED it. It was beyong cheesy and gory for no reason. The main character was stupid and everything that could go wrong in this book, did go wrong. It was predictable and I couldn't be finished with it fast enough.

Rate 1 Star (or 0 stars honestly)

Anne of Green Gables (Book #1) by: L. M. Montgomery

When a quirky, dramatic, and talkative red headed girl is brought to Green Gables from the orphanage to live with the Cuthbert's, she learns they had indeed sent for young boy to live with them. The Cuthbert's have to decide if they will keep Anne and how to raise a girl as unique as Anne.

This is a classic and I read this first book in the series in a quick day or two. I have read it before so I know what was happening the whole time but it was still magical and I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

Rate: 5 Stars! 

Front Desk by: Kelly Yang

A young girl who's family has immigrated to California from China, find that living the American Dream isn't as dreamy as they thought it would be.

I read this middle grade book with one of my 5th grade students, and we both loved this book so much. I definitely wouldn't read this book with children younger than 5th grade, because it might just go over their heads. There are a lot of great opportunities in this book to have authentic conversations about immigrants and racism. Such a wonderful book!

Rate: 5 Stars!

The Knowledge Gap by: Natalie Wexler

This book explores the concept that students are learning skills and strategies in school rather than actual knowledge often times.

I really liked this book and found myself eagerly nodding my head the whole time. I highly recommend teachers read this one!

Rate: 5 Stars

A Flicker in the Dark by: Stacy Willingham

Twenty years ago, six teenage girls went missing from Chloe's hometown and her father had confessed to their murder. As the anniversary of his crimes approaches, more teen girls begin to go missing again, making Chloe suspicious of those in her life once again. Is there a chance this isn't just a coincidence? Are these events separated by 20 years by chance connected?

This may be one of my favorite books I have read this year!!! I did NOT see the plot twist coming and was blindsided throughout this whole book. I really enjoyed this one and highly recommend if you are looking for a good thriller to read. 

Rate: 5 Stars!!

Those are the five books I have read recently. I hope to do a LOT more reading now that I am on summer break. What books are you reading? 

We'll talk soon. xoxo

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