Friday, November 26, 2021

How to Balance Living Your Best Life & Healthy Boundaries

 Happy Black Friday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving and ate lots of yummy food. I enjoyed a relaxed holiday with my family and am so not ready for my Thanksgiving break to be over, ahh! In all honesty though, I have really been loving my job this school year and am a tiny bit excited to get back to my students on Monday.

There has been so much going on in my life these past few months and I have really had to find a balance between an "I want to do it all" attitude and setting those healthy boundaries. When you throw yourself into living your best life, whether that be reigniting your love of tennis, socializing with friends, or working over time at a job you love. It is easy to find other aspects of your life slipping to the sidelines and creating bad or unhealthy habits. 

It is important to know though, that is possible to have both. With a few little tweaks and pre-planning, you can live your best life and not let your mental and physical health fall to the sidelines.

Plan Ahead

When you are just going with the flow, this is when you are more likely to reach the end of your day and realize you didn't do a lot of the things you wanted to do. It could be getting caught up in social media scrolling and not making time for your exercise class or grabbing a takeout instead of cooking due to activities overrunning. 

Where possible try to plan ahead instead of making decisions last moment. If you know you want to see your friends and have dinner, invite them over and try one of those healthy baked chicken recipes you’ve been wanting to cook. I also suggest getting yourself a planner or calendar that you can really stick to. Plan your days in advance so that at the end of each week you feel accomplished.

By having an idea of what is happening and when, it allows you the best opportunity to strike that perfect balance of fun, living, and looking after your own personal goals.

Know How You Recharge

When you want to throw yourself into seizing the moments and living life to the fullest it is important to make sure that you are providing yourself with all of the tools to make this possible, including scheduling time refuel.

That means you need to make the conscious decision to fuel your body and mind with all that it needs, so you can get the most out of each day without being drained physically or mentally.

With that in mind, make sure that you are providing your body with all of the nutrition it needs to function at its best. Plan those meals and plan when you will get to eat as well. It can be so easy to let living take over and forget about the necessary aspects of living. Make sure that you are drinking those 8 glasses of water per day that your body and mind require. Ensure that you are allowing yourself enough time to sleep and recuperate. Schedule time for activities that truly bring you joy, like reading on your back porch. Even if you only have 10 minutes, make time for the things that recharge your battery.

I hope this blog post was encouraging to you, especially as we look at setting goals for the new year. It is possibly to strike that perfect balance of it all, you just need a little extra planning and discipline. I am rooting for each of you!

Chat soon, xoxo!

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