Monday, December 6, 2021

September, October, & November Reading Recap

 I have NEVER had to combine three months of books into one post because I got that behind sharing.. oops! I haven't done nearly as much reading this whole year as I usually do but I have some great books to share.

Can we just have a moment for this book van?? My ultimate dream is to one day move down to the beach and convert a pink Volkswagen van into a traveling book shop. I want to sell books and lemonade with the beach in the background...ughhhh #goals !! 

Anywayyyss... Here are the books I've read recently:

The Therapist by B.A. Paris

Read the description and purchase here.

B.A. Paris is an auto-buy author for me. I typically read her books in one sitting and always really love them. This one however fell short for me. The storyline was a little random and that's the only word I could really think of to describe it. It kept my attention and I read it quickly but overall, it wasn't noteworthy to me.

Rate: 2 stars

Survive the Night by: Riley Sager

Read the description and purchase here.

Riley Sager is one of my FAVORITE thriller authors. I don't think I have given any of his other books anything less than 5 stars. I am obsessed with his writing. Again though, this one wasn't quite as good as his others. I didn't hate it, in fact I enjoyed it, but not as much as his other books. This one definitely had some shocking twists and kept my attention the whole time, but I found some of the characters and their motivations odd. 

Rate: 3 Stars

Swear on This Life by: Renee Carlino

Read the description and purchase here.

Okay I am not one for steamy romances usually but this book was CUTE! The whole time I felt so touched that I was getting to experience such a deep and personal relationship, ha! The trope of childhood or teen loves meeting again as complicated adults is one of my favorites! I really enjoyed every minute of this one. I may consider this one of my favorites this year. (I don't recommend for young audiences). 

Rate: 5 stars!!

The Last Bookshop in London by: Madeline Martin

Read the description and purchase here

My dad is actually the one that found this book for me because he knew it had everything I love in a book. World War II London, bookshops, and sweet romance. ALL MY FAVORITE THINGS! I teared up a couple of times reading this one and can truly say I enjoyed every minute of this book. I highly recommend this one for a cozy night in. 

Rate: 5 Stars!!

Well there is what I read September - November. I have already read some great books this month that I can't wait to share about in another post. What have you been reading lately? Share any good recommendations you have with me! 

Chat soon. xx


  1. I think I will read the Last bookshop in London. :)

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