Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Tennis Favorites!

 Long time no chat y'all. How are you? I have been teaching and adulting and it has been busy but oh so fun! Something else new in my life now is tennis. I used to play tennis a little when I was a teenager and decided to start it up again recently. I have been absolutely LOVING it.

I thought I would share a couple of my favorite tennis items with you today in case you are considering finding some lessons or a league near you.

Giant Water Jug- Purchase Here

I have been obsessed with this huge water bottle. This isn't necessarily exclusive to tennis playing, as I carry it with me all day long. It holds a gallon of water and has the time markers on the side to keep you on track through out the day. I have felt so great drinking this much water. This brand has a lot of different sized bottles and they come in different colors as well. I highly recommend!

Preppy Tennis Crewneck- Purchase Here

How fun is this pink and green preppy tennis crewneck sweatshirt? I love how soft it is on the inside and it can be customized for several different cities.

Black Tennis Dress- Purchase Here

This may possibly be my favorite clothing item right now. This tennis dress comes with a built in bra which is always a win for me. You are well supported but don't feel restricted. I could live in this thing. It also comes with the matching shorts to wear underneath. I would size up 1 or 2 sizes and get just about every color.

Pink Tennis Backpack- Purchase Here

There are so many cute tennis bags out there, but they are often very expensive. I loved this backpack for the price and it holds so much. 

Pink Grip Tape- Purchase Here

Unfortunately I couldn't fine a pink bedazzled tennis racket.. ha.. but I did find some neon pink grip tape. Love it!

Sparkly Tennis Racket Earrings- Purchase Here

Okay I saved the best for last. I am OBSESSED with these pink sparkly tennis earrings! You need them.

Those are some of my favorite tennis items. Do you play tennis? Comment below!

Chat soon. xoxo


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