Monday, March 1, 2021

The Best Love Shack Fancy Dupes

 Hello everyone and happy Monday! I am very excited to be back on the blog. One of my most popular blog posts to date was the blog post I did on Love Shack Fancy dupes (found here). I really enjoyed finding inexpensive pieces that looked similar to the designer brand so many of us love. 

I thought I would break this post up in a similar format to the last post, by brand. Theses finds are so good y'all!

Red Dress Boutique

Are these pieces not beautiful? I love how feminine they are and the price tag makes them even better!

She In

This website is always such a hit or miss for me, but these pieces are so cute! You really can't beat their prices. 

Other Finds

I fell down a rabbit hole and found these cute pieces which had to be shared as well. 

Which Love Shack Fancy dupes were your favorite? I hope you found some cute girly pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe for spring. Have a great start to your week friends. Chat soon!


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