Monday, June 22, 2020

Love Shack Fancy Dupes | Designer for Less

Happy Monday everyone! I am so excited to be back on the blog today. I have been enjoying my summer at the beach or by the pool and was finishing some exams for two of my summer classes. I hope you are finding ways to enjoy your summer during these strange times.
I am very excited for this new series I am starting! I scroll through Instagram and Pinterest and often find such cute fashion pieces that are sadly, way out of my price range. I wanted to start a series for those of us who want to look cute on a budget. 
Love Shack Fancy is a New York based designer clothing company specializing in whimsical, shabby chic styles for the timeless woman. I have loved following their social media for a while and always fawn over their dresses. Many of their dresses however, start at $600... no ma'am. I am sure many of you feel the same way, so I have found all of the best inexpensive dupes for you. If you love feminine and floral pieces, this post is for you.
*I also want to mention that I do make a very small commission if you shop through my links. If there is something you find on here that you love, I would greatly appreciate you buying it through the link provided. This way, I know to create more designer for less posts in the future. Thanks babes!

Site #1: Target x Love Shack Fancy Collaboration

A few weeks ago, Love Shack Fancy came out with a dress collaboration with Target that pretty much shook me. There were so many beautiful dresses in sizes XXS-3X. Many of the popular styles sold out immediatly but here are my tips for snagging some of these gorgeous peices:

1. Check your local Target regularly. Several times I have gone in to Target to find dresses in stock that said "out of stock" on the website. I'm thinking that the dresses are coming and going so quick that it doesn't notify the website in time when you check availability at certain stores. A lot of people are just now starting to get their online orders in and will be making returns to the stores. Check regularly and check multiple locations. 

2. Check online. There are several styles that have been restocking on the website. 

3. Check Ebay. Granted, many of the dresses will be far overpriced, but Ebay often gives coupons if you create a new account. You can also make offers on many of the listings. I have noticed certain dresses that there are a lot of on Ebay aren't going for that much over the original price. Just keep checking!

Site #2: Red Dress Boutique
This boutique is full of cute clothing as is, but who knew they had so many Love Shack Fancy dupes? Here are some of my favorite pieces from their site. 

Site #3: SheIn
This site is FULL of inexpensive Love Shack Fancy dupes. I could have browsed for hours finding a ton of feminine, floral, and classic dresses and skirts for y'all. 

Disclaimer: SheIn is a hit or miss with me. I would recommend always checking the size chart and reviews. The quality of their items isn't always the highest, but their prices are always the lowest. You get what you pay for I guess. I will also say that shipping may take a hot minute since they are often coming from China.

Miscellaneous Finds:
Here are some other Love Shack Fancy dupes I have found at a few different sites. I can't believe the good prices on some of these items!

I hope you enjoyed all of these Love Shack Fancy dupes. I truly love every piece because of how girly they are! What were some of your favorites? What designer should I find dupes for next? Let me know below!

Have a great week y'all.


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