Thursday, November 19, 2020

Everything SPACE!

 Hi there! I am so excited for today's blog post friends. We are going to be talking all about SPACE! I have had such a fascination lately with all things astronauts, space, mars, etc.. so I thought I would share all of my space finds with y'all today!

Of course if you have any other recommendations that you think I may like, leave them in the comments below! 

One // The Right Stuff on Disney +

This new recreation of The Right Stuff on Disney + is SO dang good! I absolutely love this show and look forward to Fridays just to watch the new episode. This show is based off the book by Tom Wolfe and follows America's first manned mission to space. I absolutely love the actor who plays John Glenn, but you honestly feel so attached to all of the astronauts and characters. I liked the book by Tom Wolfe as well, but not as much as I love this show. I have yet to watch the first movie adaptation from 1983, but am excited to soon! Watch the trailer for this show here

Two // NASA Shirts & Astronaut Earrings 

These NASA shirts from She In are so inexpensive yet so fun. I was surprised at the quality of the shirt and earrings both!!

Three // Away

This series is on Netflix and is a fiction show about the first group of astronauts to go to Mars. We mainly follow the female captain who is leading the mission, but again, you get attached to the whole crew. I watched the whole series in about 2 days! Watch the trailer for the show here.

Four // Kennedy Space Center

Have any of you Central Florida locals been to Kennedy Space Center? I have lived here for years and still have not gone, so I am hoping to go here soon in the next couple months. They have several past rockets on site to see as well as a very engaging visitor center with a lot of different hands on exhibits. There are other special events like lunch with an astronaut and more. I would love to hear your experience if you've been!

Five // Hidden Figures

If you haven't watched this movie you NEED to. It is based off of a true story and is incredibly moving. This is the story of three black women who work for NASA during the first man in space mission. SO GOOD! Watch the trailer here

What are some of your favorite space things? I would love to hear your recommendations below!

Have a great rest of your day! Chat soon.


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