Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Spontaneous Miscellaneous

 Happy Wednesday friends! I am so excited to share some of my favorite recent finds with y'all. I am sharing some awesome Amazon finds, recent favorite shows, etc... 

I first wanted to share a small life update. This semester I started my student teaching and it has been so wonderful so far. I love my supervising teacher and the students we work with. 

About two weeks ago, I was laid off from my job teaching English online to Chinese students. The Chinese government now requires anyone who teaches English for a Chinese company to hold a bachelors degree. Since I am still a semester away from graduating, I was cut. I was gutted and couldn't believe it. I also experienced a lot of stress and anxiety because it threw off my plans for the future.

I am very thankful however, that I have been able to find a job as a substitute teacher in the county I intern in. God is so faithful and has better plans than I do, so even though I am taking a large pay cut, I know He is so good. 

I know this time is very uncertain and stressful for a lot of people so I just want to encourage you to bring your anxieties to God. He is not shocked by what is going on and can provide comfort and peace during very unpeaceful times.

Now... Let's dive right in to some recent favorites!

One // Amazon Cup

I love this cup from Amazon! It keeps my drink cool for most of the day and can be used with or without a straw. It doesn't keep drinks cold for nearly as long as say a Yeti, but for under $15, it is AMAZING! Find the cup here

Two // Mask Inserts

These are the most helpful gadget from Amazon. You place these inside your mask over your mouth (similar to a muzzle on a dog, lol) and they keep your mask from getting on your mouth. These have been a LIFESAVER when teaching, especially when I need the student to hear letter sounds clearly. They also keep the fabric from rubbing up against my skin and making my chin break out. If your mask is annoying you, try these things out! You can find them here

Three // Scientology and the After Math

DUDEEE! This documentary style show hosted by Leah Remini is INSANE. If you have ever wanted more information or dirt on the cult/ corporation / religion that has destroyed so many lives and families, you should check this out. I think everyone should watch it, not only because it is interesting, but because it is a good warning in case you are ever approached by it or know of someone in it. This heartbreaking and hard-hitting show can be found on Hulu. 

Four // Disney Nature: Elephants

If you have Disney Plus and haven't watched the Disney Nature documentaries yet, you should! I am OBSESSED  with each of the different animal families and the Elephants one is SO interesting and good. Their memory is amazing! Meghan Markle does such a wonderful job narrating it and the quality is stunning.

Five // Coras Den Coupon Code

I am SO excited to share that I now have a 10% off coupon code for Coras Den! She is the QUEEN of statement earrings and fun jewelry. The pearl lanyard I wear every day to my student teaching is from her, as well as some of my favorite earrings. If you want some new jewelry from her, use my code: JGRACE10 for 10% off.

Six // Amazon Gingham Dress

I am in LOVE with this gingham dress that I found on Amazon a week or two ago! It is so flowy and comfy. I love the blue and white but if you want a color combo that is more Fall or Winter appropriate, there are other color options as well. I would go with your regular size! You can find the dress here. 

Seven // Motion Sickness Bands

In recent years I have developed bad motion sickness that has caused me to be pretty bad in the backseat of a car. My sweet grandmother found these bands and got them for me to try. They are tight wrist bands that have a small knob that presses on the pressure point on the back side of your wrist. This pressure point helps with nausea and vomiting so people often use them to help with motion sickness. I wore these in the backseat of a car this past weekend for about an hour and I wasn't the least bit sick. I am so thankful I found these and can't wait to use them on longer car rides and travels. You can find the bands here

Eight // Away 

This is a new show I found about a women leading the first mission to mars. I asked y'all on Instagram for all your best space related books, movies, etc... and I was so thankful several people recommended this show. It is SO GOOD. I watched the whole series in two days. If you have any other good space related shows and what not, leave them in the comments for me! 

Nine // Dr. Seuss Ensemble

How fun is the Dr. Seuss teacher look that I posted on Instagram today? I love some Dr. Seuss quotes and my sister designed such fun photos. The students loved my outfit when I wore this to school yesterday! You can find my t-shirt here, mask here, and earrings here. 

Ten // New Bible Study

My mom, sister, and I worked through Psalm 1-50 together over quarantine and made sure to make time every Friday to "meet" and discuss what we learned. It really kept us accountable to spend time in the Word and we got a lot out of it. We are now using this book to study the women of the bible and it is SO good so far. I love the way this book is laid out and the author writes beautifully. I highly recommend you read this on your own or with a group of women. You can grab a copy of the book here

Well there you have some of my very favorite recent finds. I hope you all are doing well and have a great rest of your week. Please let me know if there is any way I can pray for you this week.

Talk soon!


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