Thursday, March 26, 2020

15 Things to do in Quarantine!

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you are all safe and healthy during this weird time with the Coronavirus spreading like crazy. It is so crucial that we all stay home right now because symptoms sometimes don't show for up to 14 days.
I know some people are not used to being home for such an extended period of time so I thought it would be fun if I compiled a list of things to do while at home. I hope you get some ideas and have some fun during this time.

1. Read a good book
I love reading as is, but this time feels like a perfect opportunity to check some books off my list. Unfortunately my library is closed, but you can buy books from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Thriftbooks, or Audible (audiobooks). If you need any recommendations, you can read all of my book related posts here. If you want to see my favorites from 2019 specifically, click here.

2. Lay out and get some sun
If there is one good thing to come out of this time at home it will be my suntan, ha! I have been taking at least an hour or two to lay out and get some vitamin D. I love hopping in the pool and swimming when I get hot, but if you don't have a pool, just get the hose to cool down. You can even crank out some reading while you're out.

3. Deep clean your house
I feel like everyone is doing this right now because what better time? I took a few hours to go through absolutely everything in my room and dust, sweep, vacuum, etc... I love that feeling after completing a cleaning or organizing project.

4. Go through your closet
I went through my closet and got rid of clothes I didn't absolutely love or haven't worn in a long time. I also switched over my wardrobe and moved my "winter" clothing (consisting of two jackets) to the back of my closet. You can then turn around and sell what you no longer want on Poshmark, Facebook groups, or similar websites.

5. Try a new hair style or makeup look
There are so many fun things you can do with your hair and makeup by following tutorials on YouTube. Some of my favorite YouTube channels for these types of videos are Confessions of a Hairstylist, Casey Holmes, Luxy Hair, and SMLX0. I don't have long hair so I like to play with my sisters hair. If you are bored with siblings or family members, give each other a makeover.

6. Make a fort
I have always wanted to do this as an adult and think it would be so cute to make one with your boyfriend, husband, bestie, or sibling to have a movie night. Check out Alison's cute video here if you need inspo for your next fort.

7. Binge watch your favorite shows and movies
I love making lists (hence this blog post), and think it would be fun to work through a movie or tv show bucket list. I am going to make a Disney + bucket list to work through. If Netflix or Hulu is more your thing, go through and save everything you want to watch. One day when you're feeling lazy or have a little more time, get in your coziest pj's and have a marathon!

8. Do a free home workout video
I think one of the things I am missing during this time is the classes I used to take every day at my college's gym. I do like to go for runs some days but often want to switch it up. Anything you could ever want is on YouTube for free. Some of my favorite workout channels on YouTube are POPSUGAR Fitness, Blogilates, and Fitness Blender. I also love the at home workouts posted on Instagram by Whitney Simmons, Krissy Cela, and Natacha Oceane. You can easily search YouTube for anything that suits you that day. I sometimes listen to the workout and sometimes mute it while I complete it to my own music on Spotify.

9. Print and complete a coloring page
If you have some coloring books already, you should really give them a try. Coloring is so therapeutic and you can easily print more coloring sheets online. My sister made two beautiful ones that I loved coloring with my family the other night. You can find them here.

10. Cook or bake something yummy
Now is the time to get around to those Pinterest recipes you have never tried. I would recommend avoiding the grocery store however so maybe try to find easy recipes that you can complete with what you already have in your pantry.

11. Play some board games
I LOVE playing board games and can't wait to force my family to play alllll of ours over this quarantine time. Some of my favorites that are funny and easy to play are Snake Oil, Taboo, Spontooneous, Uno, Apples to Apples, as well as basic card games.

12. Finish a puzzle
I am personally not a big puzzle person, but if you have the patience, maybe turn on a favorite playlist or show in the background and work on a puzzle. This is a very calming activity to do during this rather stressful time for some.

13. Write letters to friends and family members
Who doesn't love getting a letter in the mail? This is a great time to write a simple card to say hello to a family member or friend who you can't be with during this time of social distancing. I plan to write some cards to both my grandparents here soon.

14. Learn a new language
I have always wanted to know a few key phrases in other languages but I can't decide what language I want to learn, ha. I would recommend the app Duolingo because they make it so easy to keep up with and practice. If you are strictly an audio person, there are plenty of free podcasts on apply podcasts or Spotify that teach you different languages.

15. Read the bible
If you aren't having a daily devotional or quiet time with the Lord, now is really the time to do so. Learning the bible and praying is so crucial right now. Memorizing verses and knowing what God says about fear and anxiety has helped me tremendously during this time of uncertainty.

Well there you have the ultimate Quarantine To Do List. Here is a little graphic for you to save to your phone for future reference.

I am trying to make the most of this time and hope you are too. I am praying for each person that reads this and that you will be healthy, safe, and well taken care of right now. I will talk to each of you soon!


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