Monday, June 17, 2019

FRIENDS Style + My Favorite TV Shows

Happy Monday everyone! It is indeed a happy Monday because I finally have a day to myself with no obligations, whoop! I came right back from vacation and starting working and volunteering at my church's VBS. It was an awesome week but boy am I tired. I love having a lazy day every now and then.
Today started off right. I slept in, made a delicious and healthy breakfast, and was headed out to enjoy the pool. Before hopping in however, I needed to put in some chlorine tabs. Y'all, a big BIG black snake slithered about a foot in front of me and I lost. my. mind. I hate snakes, but can usually deal from afar. Here in Florida it isn't uncommon to see them in the summer time, but as long as we give each other our space, I'm good. Today however, NOT COOL. I am sitting my butt inside and never leaving the house. My heart is still racing.

Well now that you know what a traumatic morning I've had, lets talk about our outfits shall we? My sister and I got some really cute FRIENDS apparel while at the NBC Tour in NYC. This is my most watched show, as I turn it on every single night. It calms me and is just so light and funny. I feel like there aren't a lot of shows like that anymore. 
I am probably most like Monica because she is overly competitive, an organized freak, and extremely type A, however I find Ross to be the funniest character. Who is your favorite?
I thought it would be fun to share some of my other staple TV Shows that I either re-watch often or just really liked when I did watch them. Here are some of my favorite TV shows:
- Gilmore Girls (This show is verrrry close behind Friends for me)
- The Bachelorette (are you watching this season? I can't wait for tonight. I love Jed and Tyler but my FAV is Pilot Peter!)
- Different World 
-Switched at Birth 
- Gossip Girl
- 90210
- One Tree Hill
- Friday Night Lights
- Selling Sunset
- Fixer Upper
- The Voice
- American Idol
- Designated Survivor (currently catching up on Netflix)
- America Ninja Warrior

Well there you have some good shows to watch. What TV Shows do you love? 

I hope you enjoy your week and it is reptile-free! Talk to you soon.



  1. You look so cute!! Love Gossip Girl and 90210

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. You guys look so cute! It's fun to represent our favorite things. Ross is by far the best character, hah!

    1. Thank you! YESS ROSS IS THE BEST!! (: haha!



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