Friday, November 9, 2018

Spontaneous Miscellaneous

Happy Friday everyone! This week seemed to fly by and I realize now that the holidays are coming and classes are coming to an end, everything is getting more hectic. I can't believe how soon Thanksgiving is. I may have bought a special Thanksgiving accessory that I think y'all will get a kick out of when you see the picture!

It is Spontaneous Miscellaneous time and so I am ready to get right to sharing my recent favorite things.

I found these shoes at Target for such a good price and I absolutely LOVE them. They are the perfect black plaid for winter, but aren't bulky and big like boots... just great for Florida!

Two // Updated Blog Design

I have been having some problems with my blog and just needed someone to revamp everything for me and Vanessa did WONDERFUL! Definitely check her Etsy shop out (here). She is a design genius and extremely easy to work with! I love the cleaner and bright look of my blog now. Yay!

Lisa Harper has written possibly the sweetest picture book and I can't wait to order it and support her. She is a Christian author and speaker and adopted a sweet little girl from Haiti as a single woman. She wrote this book to remind her daughter that although she may not have a daddy here on earth, that she has a heavenly father who loves her. How precious is that??

Four // Christmas D├ęcor
I bit the bullet and dragged out my Christmas decorations the other day. I just couldn't help myself y'all. My family will be out of town for a little while before Christmas and I just want to have enough time to enjoy the decorations. Even though.. can I say.. it has been almost 90 degrees again this week and it's KILLING me!! I want to wear a sweater, is that so much to ask?!?! Oh well, my room looks like Christmas. You can watch my video on Instagram TV (IGTV) to see how I added a few simple decorations to spice up my space. Have you put up your Christmas decorations.. or do you wait until after Thanksgiving?

Five // Whitney's IG & Shop Retail Therapist
I love sharing with y'all when I find someone new to find on IG and I love Whitney's style! She wears high quality pieces without a giant price tag. She also has an amazing boutique with some of the cutest clothing pieces. Y'all have to follow her (here) and her boutique (here). Who do you love following?

Six // Dawson's Creek
Have y'all every watched this show? It's not recent by any means (I was surprised to see Katie Holmes so young), but it is so cute so far. Did y'all ever watch this show? I am only on Season 1 but am liking it so far. It's cheesy and immature and totally up my aisle. What shows are y'all loving right now? 

This shop has the most beautiful holiday kitchen ware and stationary and I could go HAM if I really let myself. So preppy and cute y'all!

Eight // Ellen's Halloween Costume
Ellen KILLED me on Halloween when she decided to dress as a Bachelor contestant. Her whole show that day was a HOOT and the jokes she said to make fun of the show were great. If you watch the Bachelor, than you will get a kick out of her.

Well there you have it everyone! What things have you been loving recently? Comment and let me know! Talk to you again on Monday everyone.



  1. Oh I will have to watch that Ellen episode, that sounds hilarious! I haven't watched Dawson Creek, but I love those kind of shows and will have to check it out.

    1. Yes, Kelsey the Ellen episode is a hoot! I am only beginning Dawson's Creek but it's so cute so far. Thank for reading (:


  2. Yay! New blog design! It's always so fun to change it up. Looks great!

  3. Oh my gosh, you are too cute! And I need those pink shoes!



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