Monday, May 14, 2018

LOFT Outfit + Summer Classes Update

Happy Monday everyone! This has been a busy week with both school and work but it was also a really fun weekend celebrating my sweet momma. I just love her!

Even though not having much of a summer stinks, it helps when you like the classes you are taking. I am currently taking a class that is all about how to incorporate literature, health, and the arts into lessons in elementary schools and it is really interesting. I love classes where I learn information I will definitely keep for when I am teaching. Have I mentioned that I love what I am studying? Special Ed is the bees knees y'all. So as of right now, summer classes are okay. It will be a different story when I start Biology here in a few weeks. :(  So there is a little summer class update. Are you taking summer classes? Do you like them?

How cute is this outfit? I am known to shop at the same two boutiques for my clothes always, but I noticed my wardrobe pieces were starting to favor one another and I was wanted a few outfits that are just simple but wardrobe staples. Low and behold, as I am grazing through the mall, LOFT had a big sign that read "40% off entire order"!! So I went a little crazy. I repeat, entire order. These pieces are such high quality, I would pay full price for them!

Blouse // Shorts 

I hope y'all have a great start to your week! I will talk to you again on Wednesday!


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