Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Ice Cream OOTD & My Favorite Clutches for Summer!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you are enjoying your week so far. I sure am loving this whole summer thing. I feel so free of school work (except one class) and love having more time to spend with sweet friends.

Speaking of sweet friends, I had so much fun last week having an ice cream date with my bestie Lauren! 

How cute are all these pom-poms and tassels? I am clearly in love with them. Before our ice cream date, I literally bought 4 pairs of statement earrings and a lot of things with pom-poms. Now that it is summer, I just want to shop all the time! I am loving all the trends and cute clothes, shoes, and accessories I am seeing everywhere. Someone hide my wallet!!

I just love when you happen to be driving with a friend and find the COOLEST wall mural! There are little bits of magic all over Florida, and I LOVE it!

We had only a little fun! haha ;)

These Target dollar spot sunglasses looked so ridiculous on, but I couldn't help getting them! Best 3$ I have ever spent! LOL

Similar Shirt // Shorts //

I LOVE the trends right now surrounding fun colorful clutches for summer. I love all things pompoms and tassels so bring it on. Here are some of my favorite finds, and none of them are too expensive!

I hope y'all have a sweet (haha) rest of your week! Talk to you on Friday!


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