Wednesday, February 7, 2018

5 Ways to Get Books for Cheap

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am very excited for this post because so many of you answered my poll on Instagram stories that you wanted to know how I get so many books both for myself to read and for the classroom for cheap. 

I am a total book nerd and never regret spending money on books. I do however only work a part time job and am in college so I don't have unlimited funds to spend on anything, including books. I am also studying Special Education and am working on collecting picture books for my classroom. I consider myself a pro now at getting books for a good price!

I posted this photo on Instagram stories over the weekend and many of y'all wanted to know how I got so many picture books for so cheap! I have 5 tips to share.

I talk about this to everyone because it really is worth the $25 a year. With a membership you save 10% on every purchase and 40% off bestselling hardcover books. You also get free shipping on EVERY purchase online. The best part I have found however, is the coupons they send to you via email. It is crazy how what feels like every week I am getting awesome coupons like, 25% off one item, or $10 off a $30 purchase, etc.. Those coupons, plus the discount is just too good. Totally worth it!

I love this sight!! This is a website that has used books for sometimes only a few dollars and offers free shipping on any order over 10$ which is easy to do. I have gotten several picture books for $3 on this site in great condition when they were selling for $17 at a regular book store. This site is a gem!

3. Used Book Stores
Each of you will have to search and find the used book stores near you. Those of you who also live in the Central Florida area should make a trip to Bright Light Books in Casselberry. This place is organized and easy to find books in. I bring every book in after I read it, get store credit, and then use that store credit to often times get more books without having to pay a dime, not that anything there is very expensive anyways. I can find brand new YA Fiction books for $5 and brand new picture books for $3 both in brand new condition. There is also a Bright Light Overstock Warehouse that is also stocked full of books for usually $1. Again, if you don't live in the Central Florida area, look for used book stores near you and you will thank me! :)

4. Library Sales
I know different counties have different sales with their libraries but the library near me (also in Casselberry) has a store in the library where you can buy books for $.50 or $1. They were doing a 50% off sale this past weekend so I got a TON of children's books for $.25. Isn't that CRAZY?! Check your local library and keep an eye peeled for sales they have on books there also!

5. Garage Sales & Goodwill
Taking a look around garage sales or your local Goodwill can sometimes be a hit or miss but are both good ways to get books for CHEAP!!! 

There you have it! A variety of ways to save money on books! Happy reading friends!


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