Friday, October 6, 2017

Spontaneous Miscellaneous

Happy Friday again y'all. This week went so fast and my homework load was significantly lighter which was SO nice. I did a ton of reading which is the very best way to spend time in my opinion. A book review post is coming soon! Today, we are talking my favs from the week.

My Favorite Things This Week:

I love this Fall kit that I used in my planner this past week. It is so festive and Little Miss Paperrie has so many stickers in her kits. I don't use kits from people very often but sometimes I will either be sent kits and stickers or get coupon codes and it is always a treat to use them. I mean how cute does this week look?

This show is BACK y'all and I am PUMPED! This is my sister, mom, and I's favorite show at the moment! It is a singing contest show with a super interesting platform and dynamic. I recommend watching!

My Favorite Moments This Week:

This Cool Weather

Y'all there was actually a breeze for a few days this week and it almost felt like Fall.. almost! But I will take it! Being able to wear shorts and a blouse without sweating was a definite favorite from this week.

My Favorite Fashion Finds This Week:

Pink Bow Mules!
They are finally online y'all! I am so happy that my favorite shoes from Target that I shared a few weeks ago, are finally listed on their website. You need these for Fall y'all!

Well I hope y'all have a great weekend! Talk to you soon!


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