Wednesday, October 4, 2017

My Favorite Children’s Books!

Hi everyone! I hope y'all are having a great day! Todays post is a random one but is about possibly one of my favorite topics and that would be my favorite children's books. I am sure you already know my obsession with children's books and goals to publish one myself but I thought it could be fun to share my all time favs in one post.
P.S. I am studying in college right now to become an Elementary School Teacher so I have started finding good childrens books at cheap prices to save for my classroom library one day. This way it won't cost me a small fortune to go out after getting hired and buy a ton of books at once. If you are an education major also, I highly recommend doing this! I am all about trying to make things a little easier. If you live in the Orlando area, look up BrightLight Books. This is a used bookstore that has a ton of like-new books at great prices.

The Giving Tree
I mean who doesn't know about this book. The graphics are simple, the story is beautiful, and my grandma cried when I read it to her. Just kidding, kinda!... love you Mamaw ;)

This is the sweetest story and I feel that everyone has to read it once!

Fancy Nancy
I picked this book because it was a favorite of my sister and I when we were kids! This book has the most over the top pictures and Fancy Nancy pretty much invented what it means to be "extra". I just love how girly she is and how she always wants to use big words... SO CUTE!

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
This has always been one of my favorite stories and I love the movie as well. The only thing that made me love this book more was seeing how Andrea did an entire day themed around it for her kids. She does at home book clubs and the ideas were so cute to use in a classroom also. I love getting creative with books and this is one that is definitely creative and fun to tell.

Oh The Places You'll Go
Who doesn't love Dr. Seuss?? I always loved this books growing up and some of the movies are precious as well. This is such a sweet story and has some of his best made-up-words.

Our Great Big Backyard
Y'all already know that I love Laura Bush. Her background is in Elementary Education and was an Elementary Librarian. After being finished with the whole First Lady thing, she wrote several children's books. This is the one she wrote on the 100th Anniversary of the National Parks and it is such a great book all about the outdoors and an epic road trip.

The Book With No Pictures
This book is too funny and kids LOVE having it read to them. I have no way of describing it so I am going to just link the video [HERE] for you to watch it being read out loud. You will understand the humor!

Well there you have it! I have a real love for children's books and hope one day that one I have written will be on someone else's favorites list. What were your favorite books as a kid/ favorites of your classroom? Let me know!


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