Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween everyone! I love this holiday and seeing what everyone dresses up as. I saw several professors dressed up on campus today and I was happy to get candy in some classes. Tonight my dad is the star of the show. He dressed up as Larry Culpepper from the Dr. Pepper commercials:

Here is Larry Culpepper:
He is so in character to it is honestly hilarious. He is going to be walking around the neighborhood yelling "Ice Cold Dr. Pepper here, ICE COLD!" and explaining to anyone who will listen how "He invented the College Football Playoffs". :) He is too crazy! Watch it all happen on my Instagram story y'all.

Now I thought it would be fun to include some throwback pictures from past Halloweens so we can all laugh at my costumes together. I have also included some of my sister too because they are hilarious!

My first Halloween as a leopard.. I was more interested in sucking my thumb.

Here is my sister as the leopard and I was a duck!

At our house in Tennessee this particular year, we had a problem with skunks under our house (yeah.. not fun!) so my parents decided it would be funny to dress me as a skunk for Halloween :)

PLEASE tell me some of y'all remember Blues Clues? LOVED that show!

I was a cowgirl!

And of course at some point I was Snow White!

This year I was a cheerleader.. but my sister had the best costume:
My family still gets a hoot out of seeing Meredith as a clown :D

Cat in the Hat

Who remembers Raggedy Ann?

Clearly my sister was pumped to be a fairy .. hahah!

A gymnast and a chef.. I am pretty sure this is exactly what we wanted to be when we grew up at this age.

This has been my costume for several years because it is cute and easy and comes quite natural to me ;) I'm a nerd at heart!

My dad was a hippie one year and we couldn't get over the flip flops and jeans combo (which is so not my dad haha) as well as the glasses :)

My favorite kid costume I have seen so far this season:


Well that was fun! What was your favorite costume you ever dressed up in? Let me know! I will talk to y'all tomorrow!


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