Monday, September 4, 2017

My Dream Jobs!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope y'all had a great weekend! I watched Alabama kick butt and then I kicked Math's butt.. kill me now! I have an exam on Tuesday afternoon so hopefully it will go well. I always find it encouraging to remind myself why I am studying so hard and working towards a future by coming up with great ideas for my future classroom, and saving several cute little kid books I find at used book stores. If you couldn't already guess, I am an Elementary Education major.

That is and has been my dream job since I was about 8 years old. I can't wait to educate little minds and you can read my post here about the reasons I want to be a teacher. 

However, I have always been a dreamer and have several other careers that I might just switch too when I am 50 years old or something ;) If I weren't going to be a teacher, here are the careers I would want!!

Dolphin Trainer // Oh my word y'all I have had an obsession with dolphins ever since I went to SeaWorld for the first time. I went to SeaWorld camp two summers in elementary school and was amazed at seeing the behind the scenes of the dolphin trainers. I also spent my 16th birthday swimming with dolphins at Discovery Cove and could totally see myself having a job where I had a uniform that was a wetsuit and dolphins as my coworkers. 

Vintage Hair Salon Owner // Anyone who knows me or has read my blog for a while knows my favorite movie is Steel Magnolias and I have always wanted to open my own hair salon that is vintage and girly like the salon in that movie. All the hair stylists would wear cute aprons and there could be a cute old pink fridge where clients could find lemonade. I so see it :)

Nail Polish Name Creator // Is anyone obsessed with seeing what they name certain nail polish colors? I could sooooo come up with adorable names for different colors and would have oh so much fun doing it!

Children's Book Author // This is probably the most realistic one on here because my love for children's books is a little out of control. I have a few ideas in my head and maybe one day you will see a picture book by Juliana Grace at Barnes and Noble!

First Lady // There is nothing I can really do to achieve this job but I think I would make a great First Lady. I would totally try to be Laura Bush; a classy and graceful woman with a passion for the coming generations. I would also pick out the most amazing china pattern for the White House and have the most amazing wardrobe. I clearly would take the responsibility very seriously.

Disney World Travel Agent // It's no secret I love Disney World and I feel that I have been so many times at different seasons and under certain circumstances that I could plan some great vacations for families there. Regardless, I will always love planning my own trips there!

What are some of your own dream jobs? Realistic or not, I would love to hear them!

Talk to you soon!


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