Friday, September 15, 2017

Spontaneous Miscellaneous

Happy Friday everyone! I am super excited to do one of these posts again because I have sooooo much to share and tell y'all about! I just finished my first month of college and it is already kicking my butt. Math in particular has always been hard for me, but geesh, college level math just doesn't like me. Thankfully, I only have two semesters of math and then I am DONE forever.

I hope all of you who also live in Florida (or anywhere) are doing okay and are safe and well after hurricane Irma made an unwelcome visit. My family is safe and we had minimal damage to our home and yard which was a huge blessing. Please keep me updated on how y'all are doing and how I can pray for you.

My Favorite Things This Week:

I recently got one of these silver bangles from this company and it is stunning! They are super inexpensive which is really nice but still high quality. They are inspired by Disney quotes which is right up my alley. I would love these stacked too! They have gold, rose gold, and silver!

I got this new gem a few weeks ago for school and I am obsessed with it! It is a super thin, lightweight, slick laptop but can also be turned into a tablet by detaching the screen. It comes with a super cool pen for it and still has a USB port, headphone jack, and SD card reader. You can read more about it online but basically I feel like the coolest student ever when I am sitting in class using it as a laptop and then just take off the screen and pen to start taking notes. IT'S SO FREAKIN COOL!!! I love technology!

My Favorite Fashion Finds This Week:

Because Florida has NO fall, I live out my fall fashion dreams through other bloggers who live somewhere cooler. I love these chunky sweaters I am seeing all over blogs and Pinterest. I will dream about wearing one.. maybe January will be here before we know it??
Here are some of my favorite chunky sweaters:

These are the shoes I raved about on my Instagram story yesterday! They are the most amazing mules especially for only like 25$!! I don't see them online yet but go to a Target store and you should find them! You need them for FALL Y'ALL!!!

Well I hope y'all enjoyed and have a great weekend! I will talk to you again soon!


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