Friday, July 14, 2017

Spontaneous Miscellaneous

Happy Friday everyone! I can't believe last week I completely forgot to do my Spontaneous Miscellaneous. It just completely slipped my mind. That means we have TWO weeks full of fun to catch up on!

My Favorite Things This Week:

World Of Dance
Y'all this show is so interesting! I used to be a dancer so watching Dancing competitions is always fascinating for me. The layout of this show is so great and the dancers on here are CRAZY good!

Shaeffer's Bachelorette Recaps
I have mentioned this lady before but OH my y'all. Her recaps every Wednesday of the Bachelorette crack me up! Who are your favorites? My favorite for her is Peter, however I think she is going to pick Bryan. And I REALLY want Dean to be the next bachelor but think it might be Peter. Did you get all that?

Michael's Notepads and Notebooks
This is so random but y'all know my heart love for anything paper. Notbooks, notepads, planners, journals, ALL OF IT! So when Michael's had these adorable matching pads and notebooks I about died. Are they not the cutest things you have ever seen? My life should honestly never have flaws as many planning tools as I have :)

This book is SO good y'all! It is the story of a woman who became a doctor against all odds and goes through a lifetime of rough events and eventually finds her faith and creates a life she loves. This book had me crying at multiple parts because it is so hard to see children raised this way and adults who still struggle with it. Y'all have to read it!

My Favorite Moments This Past Week:

Going to Disney Springs with my sister/ best friend is always a blast! I did a full blog post and vlog but here are a few pictures. I love this girl... and this place. I flippin' love living right outside of Orlando. I don't have to deal with the bad parts of living there but am a short drive away when I want to have some magical fun. 

Doing Water Aerobics is my new favorite thing! Y'all know I have always loved to run and ran a 10k in Febuary but I kind of put my running on halt after April because it is TOO DANG HOT! I can't do any outdoor activities in the summer here in Florida unless it is 4 in the morning #noma'am 
Having my own pool has made it so convenient to exercise whenever I want. I just googled exercises to do and then swim laps as well. I do about 30-45 minutes and am SO sore afterwards.

My Favorite Fashion Finds This Week:

These two shirts from the Main Street Press make me long for days in Animal Kingdom!

What are some of your favs from this week? Let me know. Talk to you on Monday.


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