Friday, June 23, 2017

Spontaneous Miscellaneous

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! This week has felt so weird. Do you ever just have a week where the earth feels off it's axis and you have no clue what day it is ever or what is going on. That was me this week. I just wasn't with it. I did however fill out my planner for the following week and am READY for a more productive awesome week!! Are you ready to see some of my favorites??

My Favorite Things This Week:

Planning Planning Planning...
Speaking of planners... y'all know I purchased this planner a while back along with these stickers from an amazing etsy shop and Y'ALL I am pumped about this new little hobby of mine. I have always been a planner kind of girl, but this takes it to an all new level!

So this app is a new love for me, I have been doing about 5 minutes every night of french. I took two years of french in high school but never stayed committed to it or memorized much past the test date. I wanted to refresh my memory and this app is awesome. There are a ton of different languages you can learn on it too. I have to be a pro before I go to Paris one day! Speaking of Paris...

I have a thing for coffee table books. Any kind about any topic, I just love them. This coffee table book about a bunch of different spots in Paris has kept me daydreaming this past week. I love exploring through this book and have read through almost all of it and feel as though I could be an official tour guide now :)

I briefly talked about this site on my Instagram story a few days ago, and had a few questions. This is a website where they try to make the bible easier to understand. They have bible reading plans and make videos summarizing chapters and connecting the themes. As many of you already know, I am reading through the One Year Bible right now, and have found that The Bible Project videos have been fascinating to watch along with reading the chapters split up for me each day. You have to check them out if you have ever wanted to understand the bible more or read through it.

The Best Announcement Ever

My Favorite Moments This Week:

Probably seeing my sister at her new job! She is the cutest!

Along with doing several lunches through out the week. There is nothing better than sitting down at a table over food and catching up on everything with a good friend.

My Favorite Fashion Finds This Week:

I have a crazy obsession with all the earring trends right now!! I mean...
(Click the images to shop)
No earrings too crazy girl!!

What have you been obsessed with this week? Comment below and let me know!

Talk to you very soon!


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